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Is the development principle of my country’s automobile stamping parts low cost and high quality?

Everyone in the automotive industry should know that stamping parts are an important part of this industry. According to data on the Internet, ...

How to quickly remedy damaged car tire parts?

Everyone knows that tires not only support the weight of the entire car body, but also absorb shock and vibration caused by uneven road surfaces ...

What are the precautions for mold opening of auto parts injection molds?

When many users are designing new products or developing products, they usually only focus on product development and research or price in the ...

The combination of green product technology and metal automobile stamping parts fabrication technology

Hardware automobile stamping parts Hardware mold forming parts generally require high productivity, one mold with multiple cavities, and large ...

What principles should be followed when selecting materials for automotive stampings?

When choosing automobile stamping parts, our friends are often stumped, so should we choose automobile stamping parts according to those supporting ...

What are the reasons for the wrinkling of precision automotive stamping parts?

The precision stamping parts produced are usually tested to check whether they meet customer requirements. The commonly used test instruments in ...

How to maintain and maintain automotive sheet metal fabrication tools?

Sheet metal fabrication is sometimes also used as pull metal. The word comes from English sheet metal. Generally, some metal sheets are plastically ...

​Automotive stamping parts manufacturers remind: What are the safety precautions for driving on the highway?

The incidence of traffic accidents on highways is very high, mainly due to factors such as speeding, illegal parking, illegal loading, fatigue ...

What is the reason for the deviation of the hole diameter in the machining of precision automobile stamping parts?

When we use the terminal die for stamping fabrication, in order to avoid the stamping workpiece from being damaged or unable to be used normally, ...

How to correctly solve the problem of springback of automotive stamping parts?

The springback of automobile stamping parts means that after the load is removed, the shape of the deformed body is partially restored, and the ...


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