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What are the common problems in the production of automobile stamping parts?

In the process of using stamping parts, there will be bad phenomena, so what is the cause of this bad phenomenon? 1. Sheet material: The coil ...

How to repair the bending and twisting of automobile sheet metal parts?

There are many reasons for bending and twisting caused by external impact or extrusion, and the common one is the damage caused by accident. ...

What are the key points in the forming process of automobile stamping parts?

Carefully observe the produced automotive stamping parts, and you will find that the surface of the product is uneven, which affects the quality of ...

How wide is the fabrication range of analytical sheet metal parts?

There are many fabrication methods in the metal fabrication industry. Sheet metal fabrication is one of the more common fabrication methods. In the ...

What are the reasons for analyzing the stripping of the trimming die for automobile stamping parts?

The trimming sequence die for stamping parts is generally prone to the phenomenon of upper die clamping during the debugging stage. The main ...

What are the requirements for the production of automotive stamping molds?

The use of high-speed cutting technology for automotive stamping molds is of great benefit to saving production time and improving production ...

How to solve the problems of dark cracking and cracking of automobile stamping parts?

Automobile is a heavy industry, so its requirements on hardness must be met. Otherwise, the whole car will not be able to meet its quality ...

What are the requirements for the appearance control of precision automotive stamping parts?

For the production of precision automobile stamping parts, if the steel raw material is imported stainless steel, the precision hardware parts ...

How to solve the problem that the punching size of automobile metal stamping parts does not meet the requirements?

In the production process of metal stamping parts, there will be situations where the size of the punching hole is too large or too small, and the ...

What is the difference between automotive metal stampings and castings?

The main material of metal stamping die is die steel (including tool steel and high-speed steel), and sometimes cemented carbide is used. Metal ...


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