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Sheet Metal Riveting

Sheet Metal Riveting Service

Sheet Metal Riveting refers to an environmentally friendly connection method that connects nuts, screws and other materials to sheet materials by means of pressure riveting, riveting, extrusion or pull riveting.Sheet metal fabrication customers trust Pintejin Sheet Metal Shop as their ideal source for their Sheet Metal Riveting products. Pintejin’s superior qualifications begin with the variety of machine tools available to fabricate a broad range of part riveting under one roof, cutting unit cost, shortening turnaround time and eliminating the headaches of dealing with multiple suppliers.

Sheet Metal Pressure Riveting

The sheet metal pressure riveting process refers to a connection method in which part or all of the riveted parts are pressed into the sheet metal on special equipment, using tooling and certain pressure excitation. Pressure riveting riveting parts include pressure riveting riveting parts with flower teeth and pressure riveting riveting parts without flower teeth. After the pressure riveting riveting part with flower teeth is pressed into the sheet, the rotation of the riveting part is prevented by the flower teeth embedded in the sheet material, and the torsion force of the riveting part is mainly supported;

Sheet Metal Riveting

The material is used to prevent the push-out of the riveted parts, and it mainly bears the push-out force of the riveted parts. After the riveting part without flower teeth is pressed into the sheet, the hexagonal shape of the pressed part prevents the rotation of the riveting part, and mainly bears the pushing force of the riveting part. In addition, the frictional force between the riveted part and the sheet metal after riveting can also bear part of the torsion and push-out force.

Sheet Metal Expansion Riveting

Sheet Metal Expansion Riveting

Sheet Metal Expansion riveting process refers to a connection method in which the riveting parts are partially expanded by using a certain pressure on the special equipment and engaged with the sheet metal. The equipment used in the Expansion riveting process is the same as the pressure riveting process. The upper die head used is tapered, and the riveting part of the expansion riveting part is deformed by pressure to form a certain taper, thereby completing the connection with the riveting part.

At present, our Expansion riveting riveting parts include circular expansion rivet nuts, hexagonal expansion riveting nuts and captive screws for expansion riveting. The connection between the riveting riveting part and the plate is a deformation connection in the circumferential direction, which can bear a large push force, but the bearing torque is small. In order to avoid this deficiency, the circular rivet nut used in our company needs to wear Teeth, hexagonal rivet nuts need to have undercuts, through the engagement of flower teeth or undercuts with the plate to increase the torque borne by the rivets.

Sheet Metal Extrusion Riveting

Extrusion riveting refers to connection method in which the riveted parts are partially extruded into the sheet metal by using tooling and certain pressure on special equipment. The equipment used in the extrusion process is the same as that used in the pressure riveting process.The extrusion riveting part head is a flower tooth. Via certain pressure, the flower tooth part of the riveting part is pressed into the sheet material, and the torque and a certain pushing force are supported by the engagement of the flower tooth and the sheet material. The groove – snaps into the sheet to withstand the push-out force.

The difference between the extrusion riveting piece and the pressure riveting riveting piece with flower teeth and the expansion riveting riveting piece is the height of the flower teeth, and the height of the flower teeth with the extrusion riveting piece is larger. Squeeze riveting parts are suitable for unilateral operation, and can be used to complete the assembly when the rivet standoff cannot be inserted from the back of the sheet for riveting.

Sheet Metal Pull Riveting

The sheet metal pull riveting process refers specifically to the pull rivet nut, which is usually called the pull cap. The method of the riveting process is: using a special tool to pull the gun, through the pull gun head bolt and the internal thread of the rivet nut, the pull gun drives the head bolt to rotate, thereby driving the relative movement of the nut, causing the thin-walled area of the nut to expand and deform , until the sheet is pressed. The rivet nut clamps the sheet material through local deformation, and can withstand a large push-out force and a certain torque. .

The Sheet Meta Fabrication Case & Products With Riveting Service

Currently, our non-standard Sheet Metal parts with riveting service are exported to America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sout Africa, and many other countries all over the world. We are ISO9001-2015 registered and also certified by SGS.

Our custom Sheet Metal with riveting service provides durable and affordable parts that meet your specifications for automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, food, construction, security, marine, and more industries. Fast to send your inquiry or submit your drawings to get a free quote in the shortest time.Contact us or Email [email protected] to see how our people, equipment and tooling can bring the best quality for the best price for your custom with riveting project.


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