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How to distinguish the pros and cons of automotive sheet metal parts on the market?

To distinguish the quality of automobile sheet metal parts, generally speaking, we can start from the aspects of packaging, weight, welding process, painting process and the degree of fit when loading. It is very difficult for ordinary car owners to distinguish whether the sheet metal parts are of high quality after delivery. It may be possible to distinguish from the packaging of the products in advance: the products produced by ordinary small factories will not print the contact information and factory address, while the regular manufacturers In addition to the contact information and factory address, there will also be steel stamps, qualifications and testing labels on the products. Even if consumers have problems in the future use process, they can also have a way to protect their rights.
Product weight is one of the inspection standards to measure the quality of sheet metal parts. In order to ensure the safety of automobiles, the steel plates used in automobile sheet metal parts must reach a certain weight. The weight of the original sheet metal parts and the high-quality sub-factory sheet metal parts should be almost the same, and if the sheet metal parts you buy are one-third lighter than the original sheet metal parts, then you will undoubtedly buy It will be the product of a small factory. As for the welding process, it is also a method to distinguish whether the sheet metal parts are from large manufacturers. The sheet metal parts produced by regular manufacturers will be mechanically cut and welded, and the welding points or trimmed edges will be smooth and will not leave rough cutting edges.Many car owners think that they need to be painted with the same color as the original car after the sheet metal parts, so they will ignore the painting process of the sheet metal parts when purchasing sheet metal parts, thinking that it is not important, but this idea is incorrect . In order to prevent oxidation and rust, the sheet metal parts need to be treated by painting before leaving the factory. Indeed, the painting process after replacing the sheet metal parts can also protect and prevent oxidation in addition to color matching. If it is a sheet metal part of a small factory, if there is uneven adsorption and foaming in the painting process during production, it will affect the effect of post-painting, which will cause it to fall off easily during use, cause rust, affect and destroy. The quality of sheet metal parts. The degree of fit of the sheet metal parts when loading the car is also a key point to distinguish the quality of the sheet metal parts. It will determine whether the final effect of the loading is beautiful, and at the same time determines the difficulty of installation, so many sheet metal repair masters are very concerned about it. the elements of. If the fit between the sheet metal parts and the original car is low, such as the holes cannot be aligned, the error of the loading clearance and flatness is too large (the one-way tolerance of high-quality sheet metal parts in this regard should be controlled below 1.0 mm) , it can basically be judged that this is a substandard product from a small factory. , Few car owners have noticed that a strong collision will cause slight deformation of the entire car body. At this time, if the sheet metal parts with a large gap are installed hard, it will cause the car body to deform again, affecting the recovery of the damaged car to its original state. appearance and quality. Although experienced sheet metal mechanics will eventually adjust the sheet metal parts to a better loading effect by drilling, grinding and welding, this will be time-consuming and laborious, and the quality and lifespan are not as good as those manufactured by machinery. Sheet metal is good. Therefore, car owners should choose the original parts or first-class auxiliary parts that match the clearance of the original car when purchasing, and they can be installed in one step to avoid or reduce the damage caused by the “secondary fabrication” of the sheet metal master. . The above is some knowledge to distinguish the quality of car sheet metal parts, I hope to give some help to car owners and friends who need to buy sheet metal parts. Of course, it does not mean that choosing high-quality sheet metal products can be completely worry-free. Like many parts of the car, sheet metal parts also need reasonable use and maintenance. Minimizing parking in the open air and driving in sand and water, and regularly painting the inside of sheet metal parts to prevent corrosion are the keys to prolonging the service life of sheet metal parts.
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