Pintejin specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication service and more. Advanced china engineering team and machinery is what sets us apart from our competitors.Contact us(via [email protected]) to learn more about our capabilities and how we can serve you.

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Sheet Metal Chassis

Sheet Metal Chassis

Looking for high quality Sheet Metal Chassis customized by an experienced and reliable sheet metal fabrication manufacturer? As one of the leading sheet metal fabrication services companies in China, Pintejin can provide you with the best cheap sheet metal chassis custom service whether you are looking for aluminum chassis, stainless steel chassis, copper chassis,brass chassis or steel chassis. We provide one-stop customized sheet metal chassis service with competitive prices to the global marketplace, plus a multitude of related services, including engineering, designing, machining, finishing and assembly. Enable to process the sheet metal parts with stable and reliable quality according to customers’ specifications. We own advanced techniques, professional engineering team and modern laser cutter to ensure that the sheet metal fabrication meet your requirements and achieve the demands for precision and productivity.

The Advantages Of Our Custom Sheet Metal Chassis Services

  • All of our production sheet metal chassis are guaranteed to be shipped to you on time.
  • Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service to ensure full customer satisfaction every time.
  • Our plate material is ideal for those project requiring complex shapes or unique requirements.
  • Our custom sheet metal chassis service are of the highest quality and most affordable prices.
  • Finish the parts in time to provide the strongest support for your R&D projects.
  • Do sheet metal manufacturing according to your drawings or samples
  • We offer customers full-service sheet metal fabrication and related capabilities from design to delivery. We work with a large variety of metal options, making us your one-stop source.
The Advantages Of Our Custom Sheet Metal Chassis Services

The Case & Products Of Sheet Metal Chassis

Currently, our non-standard sheet metal chassis are exported to America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sout Africa, and many other countries all over the world. We are ISO9001-2015 registered and also certified by SGS.

Our custom sheet metal chassis service provides durable and affordable parts that meet your specifications for automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, food, construction, security, marine, and more industries. Fast to send your inquiry or submit your drawings to get a free quote in the shortest time.Contact us or Email [email protected] to see how our people, equipment and tooling can bring the best quality for the best price for your custom sheet metal chassis project.


With Pintejin automated and highly streamlined sheet metal fabrication service, you can expect a sheet metal fabrication quote within 12 hours and lead times as quickly as three days.Our rapid prototyping offering also includes a solid and reliable manufacturing capability (led by our expert team with 15+ years of experience) and technical and quality assurance, including SGS and RoHS material certifications, in-process quality reports, and First Article Inspection.



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