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Do you know what is a car sheet metal part?

Automobile sheet

metal[(MetalPlate;SheetMetalinEnglish)isatechnicalmeansofautomobilerepairInthisrespectautomobilesheetmetalisequaltoautomobilesheetmetalrepairwhichreferstotherepairofthebodyafterthecollisionofthecarthatisinadditiontotheanti-corrosionandAlltherestoftheworkexceptthesprayjobofthedecorationSuchastheanalysisofthedamageoftheautomobilebodythemeasurementoftheautomobilebodytheshapingoftheautomobilebodysheetmetalthetensilecorrectionthestressreliefweldingandtheassemblyandadjustmentoftheautomobilebodyaccessories[(MetalPlate;SheetMetalinEnglish)It is a technical means of car repair. In this respect, car sheet metal is equal to car sheet metal repair, which refers to the repair of the body after the collision of the car, that is, all the work except the spraying work for anti-corrosion and decoration of the body. Such as the analysis of car body damage, the measurement of the car body, the shaping of the car body sheet metal, the tensile correction, the stress relief welding, and the assembly and adjustment of the car body accessories.

Automobile sheet metal is a fabrication method for automobile maintenance, also known as cold work. Automobile collision repair has been developed from the original “smashing, pulling and welding repair” to the secondary manufacturing and assembly of the body. The repair of a collision accident vehicle is no longer a simple banging of the car sheet metal, and the quality of the repair cannot be observed by the naked eye alone. Maintenance personnel must not only understand the technical parameters and dimensions of the car body, but also master the characteristics of the car body material, the transmission of the force characteristics, the deformation trend and the force point of the car body, and the production process of the car body such as welding process. On the basis of mastering this knowledge, the maintenance personnel also need to use advanced measurement tools to determine the direct and indirect damage and deformation of the body through accurate three-dimensional measurement of the body, as well as the hidden dangers due to the deformation of the body, and formulate a complete body. Repair plan, and then cooperate with the correct maintenance process and accurate three-dimensional size data of each key point of the body, restore each key point of the body to the original position, and restore the damaged body to the state of the factory.

In automobile manufacturing and maintenance, the shape of many automobile sheet metal parts is very complex. In order to avoid the difficulties of sheet metal, sheet metal materials must have good process performance requirements, namely:

  • 1 The sheet metal material must have good plasticity. It must have the ability to produce permanent deformation without being damaged under the action of external force. For cold-worked parts, there must be good cold plasticity, such as stamping parts for automobile parts; for hot-worked parts, there must be good thermoplasticity, such as hot forging spring steel plates, hot rivets, etc.
  • 2 Good solderability. Many automotive sheet metal parts are welded together by spot welding, oxygen welding, arc welding or gas shielded welding, so the sheet metal parts are required to have good welding performance. This is especially important in the repair and repair of automobiles. Materials with good weldability have high welding strength and small cracking tendency.
  • 3 Low price, economical and practical. For any component of the car, the economy should be taken into account when the working conditions are met. Those that can use ferrous metals, do not use non-ferrous metals; those that can use non-ferrous metals, never use precious metals. The life of automobile sheet metal components should be compatible with the life of other components of the automobile.
  • 4 Good chemical stability. Most of the car covers work in the open air environment, often in contact with water and steam, especially like mufflers, often work at higher temperatures and corrosive gases. This requires that the sheet metal parts must have good chemical stability, which not only requires corrosion resistance at room temperature, strong rust resistance, but also requires no corrosion or deformation under high temperature or sun exposure.
  • 5 Good dimensional accuracy and intrinsic quality of the sheet. The dimensional accuracy and intrinsic quality of the sheet affect sheet metal fabrication. The noise is great, especially for the molded parts.
Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

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