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What is the cleaning method of automobile sheet metal parts?

After the car sheet metal parts are repaired or repaired, the next process is very important, that is, cleaning, do the cleaning work well, and the car body will look brand new. So how to clean it?

(1) Cleaning and assembly

Repairmen must remove welding slag and glue, and then clean the surface of the body. In particular, exposed metal surfaces must be sprayed with anti-corrosion materials. After the body restoration work is completed, it needs to be assembled. Assemble the trimmed body and local accessories, parts to be replaced and dismantled parts according to the requirements of the original car.

(2) Four-wheel alignment

Debug or test the vehicle, and be sure to perform four-wheel alignment for vehicles that have suffered a serious collision. To do four-wheel alignment is to use a four-wheel aligner to detect whether the inclination angle and beam value of each wheel of the vehicle meet the original standard. If not, it can be adjusted randomly. Only when the positioning data of the vehicle is accurate, the handling performance and stability of the vehicle can reach the best state, and the service life of the tire can be long. Through the four-wheel alignment inspection, if some data are found not to meet the specified standards, debugging should be carried out until all parameters are within the standard range. The supervisor should check the quality of the repair and then hand over the body for painting.

(3) Cleaning method

  • ① The cleaning of the inner ceiling should be meticulous. The cleaning method is usually to use a high-power vacuum cleaner and a brush to clean a large area, and then use a neutral detergent to focus on cleaning the dirt, and then perform a comprehensive cleaning.
  • ②The specific cleaning method is to first use a high-power vacuum cleaner to vacuum, and at the same time cooperate with the ceiling soft brush for preliminary cleaning. Then use a neutral foam cleaner to spray on the suede surface of the ceiling. Generally, a good quality foam cleaner will “hang” on the top for a long time. After a few minutes, use the special cleaning soft brush for the ceiling to gently clean it. Scrub, then use a damp towel to wipe.

Do not use other hard bristle brushes, otherwise the fluff will easily fall off. Use a foam cleaner for the suede ceiling, but you must buy the right one (preferably the dry one for washing fabric sofas, the one that will condense the dust into small beads after spraying). Then get it done with a vacuum cleaner. For stubborn stains, it is necessary to spray foam repeatedly for scrubbing. After cleaning, use another clean cotton cloth to smooth it in the direction of the fluff of the roof to restore it to its original appearance.

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