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What are the factors that affect the life of automobile stamping parts?

If the forging process of the stamping die is unreasonable, the performance of the steel will be reduced, the upsetting force during forging is too large, the heating is uneven, the cooling speed is too fast after the forging is stopped, and the improper operation is easy to crack. If the non-metallic inclusions in the mold material are forged, the streamline distribution is perpendicular to the axis of the punch, which may cause transverse fracture; the heat treatment process The temperature of the mold during quenching and heating is too high, which is likely to cause overheating of the mold, resulting in early fracture. If the quenching temperature is too low, the hardness and wear resistance of the mold will be reduced. If the tempering temperature is too low, the residual stress in the quenching process will not be eliminated, which will reduce the toughness of the mold and cause early fracture.

Points to pay attention to in order to prolong the service life of stamping dies

1. Establish a maintenance schedule

Plan the maintenance cycle table of each part of the automobile stamping die, and the parts that need daily maintenance basically include the following points:

  • 1. Spring: It is necessary to regularly check the fatigue degree of the spring. If the elastic force of the spring is asymmetrical, it will cause the product to deform.
  • 2. Positioning pins: It is necessary to check whether the positioning pins are loose every day. If the positioning pins are loose, the product accuracy cannot be guaranteed. If the positioning pin falls off, there will be an error in the material strip, and as the process progresses, the tolerance will accumulate, and the finished product will be unqualified.
  • 3. Punch: Check whether the punch and die edge are damaged or worn to avoid excessive burrs.
  • 4. Lubrication: The lubrication of each part of the mold must be checked regularly. Good lubrication can reduce the friction coefficient of the die in the process of blanking.
  • 5. Scrap: Waste accumulation treatment. Too much waste accumulates inside the mold, which will increase friction and lead to a great decline in mold accuracy.

Second, precision molds should use precision stamping machines

The parts of the precision metal mold need to be precisely matched. If you use a punch whose accuracy cannot be guaranteed, it is easy to damage the mold.

Third, stamping oil needs to be used in the production process

Stamping oil can better lubricate and protect the mold and improve the life of the mold. Scratches and burrs on the product are also reduced after the use of stamping oil.

Fourth, design emergency braking button and overload protection device.

The design of emergency brake button and overload protection device can effectively stop the operation in case of emergency and avoid the loss from becoming larger.

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