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What are the design points of automobile stamping parts inspection tools?

At present, the inspection tool has been widely used in the automobile industry, and the inspection tool for automobile stamping parts is a simpler and more effective method for the quality inspection of automobile stamping parts. The inspection tool itself is a three-dimensional three-dimensional measuring tool. In the practical process, it can quickly and accurately measure the size of the stamping parts, and make judgments on the quality of the parts. If a part is found to be unqualified, it can be carried out according to the inspection data. Reason analysis, and then make targeted adjustment measures to improve its overall quality. The inspection tool is used in the production process of auto parts, which has many advantages such as simple operation, easy modification and newer, and no damage to the parts themselves. In order to ensure the wear resistance and accuracy of the inspection tool itself, it is mostly made of resin or steel structure materials. Of course, the inspection tool is not a simple model, and there is a corresponding adjustment device, which can fix and clamp the stamping parts. According to practice, the stamping parts detected by the inspection tool are basically qualified and have corresponding reliability.

Design points of inspection tool for automobile stamping parts

1. Consideration of manufacturability

The final port of the inspection tool design is the port that realizes its detection through production. Therefore, in the process of designing the inspection tool, it is necessary to ensure its manufacturability. That is, the design of the entire inspection tool is inseparable from the production of the inspection tool. In the process of production, there may be corresponding ten-point predictions for its design, such as whether there is technology to make it accurately, etc. These are all factors that need to be considered in the design process.

2. Have corresponding artistic appreciation value

The inspection tool itself is just a testing equipment. However, with the increasing assistance of people’s spiritual culture, the artistic requirements for various tools are also increasing. At present, many people have regarded the inspection tool as a work of art. In the design process, the designer needs to have the corresponding level of artistic appreciation, so as to realize the beauty of its appearance as much as possible.

3. The design of the inspection tool needs to give priority to the humanized requirements

Although the production of inspection tools is to detect automobile stamping parts, its function is to ensure the production quality of automobile stamping parts. However, to realize this detection process, it needs to be realized by human operation. In automobile production, not every part is relatively small, and the larger parts require lifting devices to achieve their operation. Therefore, in the design process, the operability, flexibility and convenience of the inspection tool should be considered. For example, in the design process, it is necessary to make full use of the specific shape of the inspection stamping parts, and then according to the mechanical properties, a reasonable inspection of the structure of the inspection tool is carried out. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the large-scale inspection tool has the corresponding balance, and the imbalance phenomenon cannot be caused during the lifting, which is easy to cause on-site accidents.

4. Inspection of the production materials in the design of the inspection tool

The inspection tool is usually made of non-metallic materials, so as to ensure its lightness and flexibility. At present, resin is mainly used for production in China. The resin itself has many characteristics such as low density, high strength, good anti-wear performance, relatively light overall, and not suitable for deformation. In addition, based on the above-mentioned humanized requirements, the author thinks that its height needs to be designed on the corresponding ratio according to the average height of the public. Furthermore, in the process of material selection, it is also necessary to fully consider the needs of customers. If the customer needs a lightweight inspection tool, then the resin is mainly used, and if the customer’s requirements are relatively high, the steel material can be used for manufacturing.

5. Accuracy of benchmark design

Benchmark design is a more important link in the design of inspection tools. In this design, it is necessary to design the benchmark of the inspection tool according to the size of the inspection tool and the position of the tested part in the vehicle body coordinates, so as to determine that the length, width and height of the inspection tool are three upward reference planes, and then according to the detected stamping Part data, combined with the specific position of the stamping part installed in the body, to determine the form of its datum.

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