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How to use lubricating oil correctly in the fabrication of automobile sheet metal parts?

The use of lubricating oil in the automotive sheet metal fabrication industry is very important, because lubricating the machine properly can make it last longer, and lubricating oil during production can help better production, but it needs to be noted It is the use method and lubrication method of lubricating oil. Because improper use will not only have the opposite effect, it may have the opposite effect. Let us take the lubrication of automobiles as an example to introduce you to the three major misunderstandings of lubricating oil.

How much oil can be added

The amount of lubricating oil should be controlled in the middle of the oil dipstick, because if there is too much lubricating oil, it may flow out from the gap between the cylinder and the piston, and the high temperature emitted by the machine will form carbon deposits. The more time, the compression ratio will be formed with the engine. Over time, there may be a tendency to vibrate violently, and these carbon deposits may ignite in a high temperature environment for a long time, causing the machinery to be burned out.

Oil needs to be changed when it turns black

The change in color does not mean that the quality of a certain oil has changed. Such an understanding is unscientific. For lubricating oil without a static decomposer, the color blackening is indeed a sign of deterioration, but in the case of automobile use Lubricating oils are generally added with decomposing agents. This scavenger washes the film and black carbon deposits that stick to the piston, and disperses it in the oil to reduce the generation of high-temperature deposits in the engine, so the color of the lubricating oil tends to turn black after a period of use, but at this time the oil The product is not completely deteriorated, we need to test and analyze the quality of the lubricating oil, and then come to the conclusion, do not operate blindly.

Lubricating oil does not need to be changed often

This understanding is not correct. First of all, the quality of the lubricating oil will be affected due to some oxidation and pollution for a long time. At this time, if we only add new lubricating oil, it will be polluted by the old lubricating oil, which will take a long time. New lubricating oil will also become poor quality lubricating oil, so it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil frequently, especially in sheet metal fabrication, special attention should be paid to this problem.

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