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From what aspects should we judge the quality of automobile sheet metal parts?

The first is to touch the surface of the car sheet metal parts with hands to see if there are pits. This is easily overlooked, but it is also very important. After the body-in-white leaves the factory, it goes to the painting workshop through electrophoresis and other processes. At this time, the surface may have small irregular bumps. In order not to affect the spraying effect, the staff will do careful inspection. tool to deal with it. Of course, some defects may not be discovered in time due to the sloppy reviewers, and then you need to touch it yourself.

It is said that the staff who make Lexus can feel the subtle differences on the body with their hands. It is difficult for us to achieve a similar level without professional training, but you don’t have to worry too much. After all, as long as a car reaches the factory standard, it is Less prone to defects visible to the naked eye of consumers.

Second, we also observe the gap and flatness between the individual covers.

Regarding the clearance, the standards of each OEM are different, which is related to the brand positioning. After all, it is not realistic for you to make the Fit reach the same level as the E-class. The cost is in front of you, and the gap needs to be addressed. For models with well-matched cover parts, the gaps will be relatively uniform, that is, there will be no smaller or larger situation. If you have a pair of feeler gauges on hand to measure, this is a more professional approach, but it is simpler. It is also more commonly used to touch the little finger along the gap to feel whether it is even.

One more point here, some gaps on the body will be designed to be relatively large due to safety factors. At this time, you don’t have to worry about whether the quality of the sheet metal is not up to standard, and some positions, such as the bonnet and fenders, etc. , if the little finger can be stuffed in, it definitely means that there is a problem with the assembly level.

Regarding the flatness, the simple method of judging is to touch the lap of the front cover and the fender, and feel the flatness with your hand. The left and right sides should be the same, and there should be no left-right asymmetry. In addition to the big positions such as the front cover and fenders mentioned just now, you also need to pay attention to small details such as the fuel tank cover, which often expose the manufacturer’s inattentiveness.

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