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What are the china auto parts numbering rules?

According to the “Automotive Product Parts Numbering Rules” promulgated and implemented by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers on January 1, 1990, a complete auto parts number consists of the company name code, group number, group number, part number, structural distinction number, Change experience code (or repair part code) and other components.

1.Company name code

When the use of auto parts drawings involves intellectual property rights or the company name needs to be marked during the product development process, the company name code approved by the relevant department can be marked in front (it can be omitted for internal use by the company). The company name code consists of 2 or 3 Chinese pinyin letters.

2.Group No

The group number uses 2 digits to indicate the classification code of each functional system of the car. There are a total of 58 group numbers for china auto parts and components. number

The group number uses 4 digits to represent the code of each assembly and assembly device in the system. The first 2 digits represent the group number to which it belongs, and the last 2 digits represent its sequence number within the group. There are 638 group numbers in total.

4.Part Number

The part number is also known as the “part sequence number”, which uses 3 digits to indicate the code number of parts, assemblies and assembly devices. The description of the part sequence number shall meet the following four requirements.

  • (1) The 3 digits of the assembly part number should be zero.
  • (2) The 3 digits of the part number must not be zero.
  • (3) The three digits of the part number are 001 to 009.
  • (4) For symmetrical parts, the upper part, front part and left part should be numbered odd first, and the lower part, rear part and right part should be numbered and even numbered later.

5. Structural distinction number

The structure distinguishing symbol uses 2 letters or 2 digits to distinguish the characteristics of different structures, performances and dimensional parameters of the same type of parts, assemblies and assembly devices. If the structure distinction number is located after the group number or group number, it indicates the different structure of the system assembly or device of the group or the group; if the structure distinction number is located after the part number, it indicates the different structure of the component or assembly device.

6.change experience code

Changes go through the process of using a letter and a digit to indicate changes to parts, assemblies and assemblies. If a component or assembly changes greatly, but the first change does not affect the exchange, it is indicated by A1, and then it is indicated by A2, A3… Change the influence exchange again, and use C, D… in turn.

The repair part code refers to the repair parts whose size is increased or reduced on the basis of the standard size, and numbered according to the order of their size increase or decrease. Its code is represented by two Chinese pinyin letters, the first letter represents the size group of the repair part, and the latter letter is the repair part code, which is represented by X. For example, a repair part has three sets of sizes, the codes are BX, CX, DX. When the standard size of the repair parts of this group is changed to affect the interchange, the size group code should be changed accordingly, and the letters of the group should be arranged backwards according to the last letters used before the change. If the change affects the exchange, the code for the change of the standard size is E, and the corresponding repair parts are code for FX, GX, HX, etc.

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