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Requirements for Repair of Crash Injuries in Auto Parts Cabs

For local collisions, the cab is damaged but does not affect the deformation of the skeleton. Generally, the method of percussion can be used to correct it. When necessary, use some special tools, such as a pick hammer and a specially shaped horn. If the skeleton has been impact deformed, the skeleton correction and the shell correction should be combined and performed simultaneously. If the casing is easy to remove, it can be calibrated separately.

If the impact of the cab of the auto parts is very serious and cannot be corrected directly, it can be partially disassembled for correction.

Open the original solder joint with a hand electric drill or manual grinding wheel, and then remove the outer layer with a hacksaw or gas cutting. When the deformation range is large, the outer layer can be removed in pieces, corrected separately and then assembled together.

When calibrating and leveling, attention should be paid to the cooperation between the various components, and attention should be paid to the shrinkage and deformation of the material during welding, so as not to bring difficulties to the subsequent assembly.

When the door and cab are repaired respectively, they should be assembled and adjusted.

Assembly quality requirements: the door is installed on the cab and should rotate freely; there is no feeling of popping out after the door is closed; the matching gap between the edge of the door and the cab should be uniform; the door should be locked flexibly, and the engagement depth of the latch should meet the design requirements.

Adjustment method: first adjust the distance between the upper and lower door iron chains to the right, and the door can rotate flexibly, and then adjust and correct as follows.

First, observe whether the upper and lower gaps of the two vertical seams at the front and rear of the door are uniform. If the top seam of the door is small in the front and the rear is large, and the bottom seam is large in the front and the rear is small, it means that the door is sinking due to the bending of the sheet material at the door hinge or the fixing plate, which can be corrected.

There should be a gap of 5~6mm between the bottom seam of the door and the lower beam of the door frame, so as not to wear the lower beam of the door frame due to the sinking of the door due to deformation and wear during use. At the same time, the outer planes of the doors and cab door frames should be adjusted. The front moves inside and outside through the hinge, and the rear moves inside and outside through the lock to achieve the flush between the door and the outside of the cab. After the door position is determined, adjust the impact stopper so that the core head of the impact stopper and the impact stopper are accurately aligned, engage well, and can be opened and closed flexibly. If you find that the opening and closing are not flexible, you can add some oil to the slide of the stopper for lubrication. If the meshing width is not enough 6mm, a pad can be added under the core of the stopper. The thickness of the pad should ensure good meshing, and it will not collide with the cab frame due to the high pad.

If the upper and lower gaps of the front and rear vertical seams of the door and the cab door frame are consistent, and the gap between the top seam and the bottom seam is quite different, it is generally caused by the deformation of the cab. At this time, observe the position of the impact stopper in the core. When the core on the door is low and lower than the impact stopper, it means that the front corner of the cab is sinking and must be repaired with a special pulling tool. If the front end of the bottom gap is small and the rear end is large, it means that the rear corner of the door frame is sinking, and the correction method is opposite to the above.

In the assembly process, there are many problems that occur randomly, and the specific reasons should be found out and then the feasible method should be determined.

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