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Matters needing attention in the fabrication of automotive sheet metal parts?

Sheet metal fabrication is sometimes also used as pull metal. The word comes from English sheet metal. Generally, some metal sheets are plastically deformed by hand or die stamping to form the desired shape and size, and can be further welded or a small amount of Machining to form more complex parts, such as chimneys commonly used in homes, tin stoves, and car casings are sheet metal parts.

Sheet metal fabrication is called sheet metal fabrication. Specifically, for example, the use of plates to make chimneys, iron drums, fuel tanks and oil cans, ventilation pipes, elbows and heads, Tianyuan places, funnel shapes, etc., the main processes are shearing, bending, bending, bending, welding, riveting, etc. Some knowledge of geometry.Automotive sheet metal parts are thin-plate hardware parts, that is, parts that can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching, etc. A general definition is – parts with constant thickness during fabrication. Correspondingly, castings, forging Parts, machined parts, etc., for example, the outer iron shell of the car is a sheet metal part, and some kitchen utensils made of stainless steel are also sheet metal parts. CNC technology has been widely used in sheet metal fabrication machine tools, which solves the problems of high precision, complex shape and large batches of parts in sheet metal fabrication. The application of numerical control technology greatly improves the sheet metal fabrication capacity, ensures the quality and output of sheet metal parts, and also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Shearing and blanking is a process in the sheet metal fabrication process. The accuracy of blanking directly affects the fabrication quality of the subsequent process. The application of CNC shearing machine ensures the size of blanking and the tolerance of blanking diagonal. CNC shearing machine is composed of CNC device, servo system, measuring device and machine tool. The servo system is composed of three servo motors and servo drives. S stamping is an important link in sheet metal fabrication, and CNC punching machines can replace the fabrication capabilities of the past three punching machines. Greatly increased productivity. The CNC punch press is a versatile machine tool, available in both single punch and turret.


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