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What are the misunderstandings in the maintenance of parts during car maintenance?

With the increasing number of cars, one car per person has become more and more common. When auto parts are in use, various losses will always occur, and maintenance and maintenance are required at this time. For many car owners, car maintenance is nothing more than a simple cleaning of the car and regular inspections to see if there are major problems. But in fact, car maintenance is much more than that. What’s more, frequent mistakes in car maintenance, the result not only did not prolong the life of the car, but accelerated the aging of the car, why is this? This depends on whether the following maintenance mistakes occur when you usually carry out maintenance!

1. Blindly remove the engine thermostat

If the thermostat is blindly removed due to the high temperature of the engine, the coolant can only be circulated in a large way, and the cooling intensity cannot be adjusted. , the wear is accelerated, and the fuel consumption increases.

2, the engine temperature is not afraid of high or low

Some people think that the engine temperature is not afraid of high or low when driving. In fact, it is also very dangerous when the engine temperature is low. To ensure the service life of the engine, drive at the normal temperature specified in the car’s instruction manual.

3. The tighter the pump fan belt, the better

Tighter belts are not always better. If the belt is too tight, it will not only elongate or break, shorten the service life of the belt, but also cause deformation and bending of the generator shaft, water pump shaft and early bearing damage due to excessive tension. The tightness of the fan belt of the automobile engine should meet the technical requirements. Generally, the deflection of the normal belt assembly is 10-15mm.

4, the engine is heated at idle speed

When heating at idling speed, due to the low speed, the oil pump cannot press the lubricating oil into the lubricating surfaces quickly, and the oil pressure is also low, so that the moving parts of the engine work in a state of dry friction or semi-dry friction; Poor atomization makes unburned fuel flow into the crankcase, washes away the oil film on the cylinder wall, and also accelerates the wear of the parts.

5. Bake the oil base with a blowtorch

Using a blowtorch to bake the oil bottom in winter will not only chemically change the additives in the oil and lose its original performance, but also make the oil cement and deform the oil bottom, which is easy to cause fire. A good practice is to choose the appropriate oil according to the low temperature in the local winter. Where possible, park the vehicle in an insulated garage.

6. Tire pressure should be higher than lower

Some people like to inflate their tires higher, believing that it can both overload and save fuel. This is not correct. Excessive tire pressure will reduce the tire ground contact surface, increase the wear and tear, and also cause the tire to burst easily. If the tire pressure is too high, the adhesion coefficient of the tire will be reduced, the braking effect during braking will be reduced, and the amount of slippage will be increased, which will cause greater harm to driving safety.
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