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How to choose the automation method of automobile stamping parts production line?

Automated stamping production lines mainly include: progressive die stamping, multi-station stamping, and tandem stamping. Because of their respective characteristics, they are used to produce different automotive sheet metal parts. With their unique advantages, they are widely used in automotive automation. , plays a huge role in the efficient production system. The characteristics of the three stamping automatic production lines are compared and analyzed, and the selection method of the production line is explained according to their characteristics. Therefore, it is convenient for enterprises to use the characteristics of their own parts for reference in the selection of automatic production lines.

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the stamping industry of the four major car manufacturing processes has also flourished. In order to adapt to the ever-increasing output, various automated production lines emerge as the times require, and are given different production methods according to the characteristic needs of different products. In order for enterprises to choose different production methods according to their own product characteristics, the article classifies common automatic stamping production lines: progressive die stamping, multi-station stamping, tandem stamping, and briefly analyzes the characteristics and selection methods of each production line. Generally, the following factors are considered to select the type of stamping production line.
  • (1) Product material: including material type, forming performance, hardness, etc., to measure the choice of coil or sheet forming.
  • (2) Material thickness: The tonnage of the stamping machine and the matching form of the feeding mechanism should be selected in conjunction with the material.
  • (3) Monthly supply and demand: Evaluate the production capacity, determine the production takt, and weigh the selection of automatic line types.
  • (4) Stamping product volume and modeling difficulty: through modeling complexity and product quality requirements, comprehensively consider the mold design method and the corresponding stamping automated production method.
Progressive die stamping automatic production line: According to the process characteristics of each process distributed on an overall material belt and the attainable high process stroke, it can be applied to the production of small parts on the body, and can meet a high supply volume. Multi-station stamping automatic production line: It can be applied to the rapid production of medium-sized parts, beam parts that are not easily deformed, symmetrical parts with complex left and right common mold shapes, and products that can be clamped by the gripper on the automatic rod. The production of the automatic line. Tandem stamping automatic production line: Because each process is independently distributed in each press, the production line has high flexibility and is suitable for large-scale covering parts with complex production processes. The selection of each stamping automation production line can be based on two trend directions: high output and high flexibility. High-efficiency, high-yield automated production lines can be selected for parts with large quantity demand. If the parts are more complex and have higher requirements on the production process, a production line with high flexibility can be selected. With its own characteristics, the automatic production line of automobile stamping parts is used in major automobile factories, which provides a strong guarantee for the development of the automobile industry and the rapid growth of automobile production. The analysis and understanding of the stamping automatic production line facilitates the selection of stamping parts production methods, and makes full use of the advantages of their respective automatic lines to serve the automotive field.
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