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Introduction of four kinds of paint maintenance methods for automobile stamping parts that must be known

1. Waxing

A wax film is formed on the surface of the car paint to inhibit the oxidation of the car paint by external harmful components. UV resistant, high brightness, and cheap. Generally, after buying car wax in a car beauty shop, the beauty shop will be responsible for free waxing, and a box of wax can be used for several months.

Disadvantages: The protection time is very short, generally only 4 to 5 days at a time, and it will lose its effect after washing the car. The main disadvantage is that there is silicon in the wax, which has an oxidizing effect on the car paint. It is recommended that the new car should not be sanded and waxed as much as possible. The main function of sand wax is to remove small scratches and dirt from the surface of the car paint.

2. Seal the glaze

The sealing glaze can increase the strength of the car paint, prevent the small scratches caused by the sand hitting the car body, and resist high temperature and ultraviolet rays. The maintenance time is relatively long, which can reach 1 to 3 months, and it has a substantial protective effect on the paint surface, which can make the car paint feel delicate and soft.

Disadvantages: Glaze is a compound extracted from petroleum, which is very harmful to car paint. The high-frequency polishing during glaze sealing is a kind of damage to the car paint surface. In addition, the protection time is shorter than the coating time.

3. Coating

Hardening coating is a higher measure of paint surface protection, which can avoid oxidation and achieve multiple functions such as brightening the paint surface, resisting acid and alkali, anti-oxidation, and anti-ultraviolet rays. Since the material of the hardened coating itself is an inorganic substance, there is no damage to the car paint. Generally, when coating a car, the paint skin that has become discolored and embrittled due to aging and the oxide layer formed by long-term corrosion will be removed together. It can increase the hardness of the paint surface and avoid small scratches and halos. The retention time is also longer, about 1 year. Now the good coating effect is good, but some low-quality and low-priced products should be avoided. The effect of coating is good, and now the products of coating have occupied the market of waxing and sealing glaze.

4. Crystal plating

Crystal plating is to form a layer of a variety of powerful protective crystals and UV filter layers on the paint surface of automobile stamping parts, which can improve the brightness and hardness of the paint mirror surface to prevent scratches, UV protection, acid rain, salt, asphalt, flying paint, insect spots, yellow sand The damage to the car watch by harmful substances such as bird droppings, bird droppings, etc. is like putting on a high-tech “protective coat” for the car paint, which completely isolates any erosion of the car paint itself by particles such as dust, oil, mold, and water molecules. And it has the functions of anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, anti-friction, non-fading, and increasing the hardness of the paint surface, so that the paint surface can maintain its original bright and beautiful color for a long time.

At the same time, it has the following characteristics: it can isolate the combination of air and car paint, like a layer of invisible car coat for car paint, provide reliable paint surface sealing technology, protect car paint efficiently and lastingly, and prevent the color of car paint from being caused by the environment. influences. It is the world’s leading car paint maintenance technology.

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