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How to deal with the rust problem of the automotive sheet metal fabrication console?

In our life, our daily necessities are often rusted for some reasons, but the same problem exists in my sheet metal fabrication console. Because of the storage problem, when we put the sheet metal fabrication console in the basement, its humidity will be relatively high. After it gets wet, we must do moisture-proof and moisture-absorbing work on it in time.

Of course, the excessively humid weather will also cause small water droplets to appear on the surface of the console. If the surface is not sprayed properly, there will be local discoloration, and even more serious will lead to the growth of mildew. But if the situation is not serious, we just need to ventilate and dry in time. If there is condensation or mildew, we must first wipe the water, remove the mildew with mild detergent, and dehumidify. These are the more commonly used methods. Of course, if the rust is very serious, it is better to go to the repair shop for repair.

In fact, the protection of sheet metal molds is also very important, so we can set up protective plates around the molds and improve the molds. For example, reducing the dangerous area of ​​the mold, expanding the safe space and so on. We can improve the previous manual feeding without affecting the strength of the mold and the quality of the product, so that the safety can be improved.

The automobile sheet metal fabrication center is a comprehensive fabrication technology formed by laser fabrication technology as the guide, advanced mechanical fabrication equipment as the foundation, and integration of automation, intelligence, computer and information management and other related technologies. The best combination and development direction of the industry is an important topic and development focus of the national economy at this stage.

The machinery manufacturing industry is a classic traditional industry. With the successive inventions of semiconductors, computers, and lasers in the last century, new vitality has been injected into the machinery manufacturing industry, and it has also greatly promoted the development of industries such as aviation, automobiles, shipbuilding, communication electronics, precision instruments and machine tools. With the development of science and technology, it has promoted the change of human’s production mode and thinking mode. Advanced manufacturing and information industry are getting more and more attention. The development of science and technology guides the development direction of the industry, and the mode of production promotes the production process of material wealth.

The gradual formation and development of the sheet metal fabrication industry has greatly accelerated the mode of sheet metal fabrication and distribution in the manufacturing industry. It has broken the traditional practice of simple procurement and transportation in logistics, and introduced the concept of fabrication and distribution. Such concepts and ideas have broadened the horizon and accelerated The fusion of traditional mechanical manufacturing and technology. exhibition. At present, the development of foreign fabrication and distribution mode has been very mature, which adopts the integrated service of raw material procurement – cutting (punching) blanking – bending forming – welding (assembly) – grinding – spraying – packaging – distribution. The emergence of sheet metal fabrication enterprises has eliminated the complicated procedures of purchasing raw materials, transportation, etc. for manufacturing enterprises, saving customers a lot of manpower, material resources, and energy; for customers who are preparing to purchase equipment for fabrication, it saves investment in building factories, purchasing equipment, The consumption of a lot of internal resources such as recruiting staff, setting up inventory, managing materials, etc. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises can focus more on the development of new technologies and research on market trends, and enable manufacturing enterprises to adapt to the unpredictable market, reducing the risks of enterprises from the market.

The next five to fifteen years will be an important period for my country to implement the three-step strategic deployment. To improve people’s living standards and rapidly improve the important material basis for people’s survival and quality of life, it is necessary to speed up the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. We must firmly grasp the opportunity to expand china demand and develop the market, seize the opportunity to join the WTO and participate in the international division of labor, seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of precision machinery manufacturing, strive to improve the level of equipment, and quickly change the situation that the equipment industry is seriously lagging behind the needs of production and construction , which provides a broad market prospect for the development of the sheet metal fabrication industry.

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