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How long is the replacement cycle for vulnerable auto parts?

Change tires regularly. No matter how durable a set of tires is, they cannot be used for a lifetime. Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle of an auto parts tire is 50,000 to 80,000 kilometers. If there is a crack on the side of the tire, even if it has not reached the mileage, it should be replaced for safety reasons. When the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm, or the tread has reached the wear indicator, it must be replaced.

The wiper blades should be replaced once a year. When using wiper blades on a daily basis, avoid “dry scraping”, which is easy to damage the wiper blades, and can cause damage to the car glass in severe cases. Fortunately, the car owner should spray the glass liquid with better cleaning and lubricity before starting the wiper. Usually, the wiper blade should be cleaned at the same time when washing the car.

The inspection of the braking system is particularly important, which directly affects the safety of life. In general, the brake pads will gradually wear out with the increase of mileage. If the thickness of the brake pads is less than 0.6 cm, it must be replaced. Under normal driving conditions, replace the brake pads every 30,000 kilometers.

The battery is usually checked and replaced in about 2 years depending on the situation. Usually when the vehicle is turned off, the owner should try to use the vehicle’s electrical equipment as little as possible to prevent the battery from running out of power.

The engine timing belt and transmission belt should be checked or replaced at 60,000 kilometers. If the vehicle is equipped with a timing chain, it does not have to be replaced by the “60,000 km” constraint.

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the oil circuit, the engine is equipped with an oil filter in the lubrication system. The purpose is to prevent impurities from mixing into the oil and causing oxidation to produce gum and sludge to block the oil circuit. The oil filter should be changed at the same time as the oil after driving 5000 kilometers.

The quality of gasoline is constantly improving, but it is inevitable that some impurities and moisture will be mixed in. Therefore, gasoline entering the gasoline pump must be filtered to ensure smooth oil passage and normal engine operation. Since the gasoline filter is one-time use, it needs to be replaced every 80,000 kilometers.

Turbocharged engine spark plugs need to be replaced every 30,000 kilometers, and ordinary engine spark plugs need to be replaced every 80,000 kilometers. When choosing spark plugs, first determine the model and heat level of your car. When you drive and feel that the engine power is insufficient, you should check and maintain it once.

Oil leaks are a sign of damage to the shock absorber, as are significantly increased bumps or longer braking distances on bad road surfaces.

Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

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No matter what your metal fabrication needs are, Pintejin can offer the right solution: from single sheet metal part or sub-assembly of stamped metal parts to turnkey solutions for mechanical and electrical assemblies. We have the technology, equipment and the experience to fabricate customised metal products from aluminium sheet metal fabrication, steel, zinc plated steel, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication, brass and copper. Designs that require CNC machining of surfaces or components can be accommodated. We can supply polished, galvanized, zinc coated or powder coated finishes for any sheet metal work or stamped metal components. Coupled with our accurate and reliable metal fabricating equipment, we guarantee precision and repeatability in custom sheet metal work. You’ll be taking advantage of the best sheet metal fabrication china can produce.


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