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Do you know the fabrication precautions for automotive stamping parts?

Stamping and drawing oil belongs to metal fabrication oil, and is suitable for ultra-high-strength drawing forming, pipe drawing, punching and shearing, broaching, etc. Stamping and drawing oil is divided into: water-soluble stamping and drawing oil, metal stamping and drawing oil, and aluminum stamping and drawing oil.

  • 1. Slipiness of stamping and drawing oil: This is a serious effect of drawing oil, and the slippery property is not good, which may even cause the workpiece to be split, the sheet and metal to sinter, the product to be scratched, the mold to wear seriously, and the mold life to be lost.
  • 2. Cooling properties of stamping and drawing oil: There are many factors that generate heat in stamping fabrication. The heat of conflict between the mold and the material and the heat of plastic deformation of the material are all manifested in the form of fabrication heat. Auto parts are especially processed parts with messy shapes or materials with high plastic deformation resistance, and the heat generated is greater. When this fabrication is continued for a long time, if this heat is not removed or suppressed, the heat will accumulate on the mold. , so that the temperature of the mold continues to rise, the mold expands further, the space between the punch and the die will be reduced, the conflict and the stress applied to the material will increase, some will generate high temperature, and even the slippery film will break, and then sintering will occur. , strains, and splits. In this environment, the use of water-soluble stamping oil through the process can suppress the generated heat, especially in the fields of high-speed continuous motion fabrication and high-speed continuous automatic fabrication, deep drawing of stainless steel or high-speed fabrication of cans, etc. Water-based stamping oil with good cooling properties.
  • 3. Anti-rust property of stamping and drawing oil: The parts after stamping are usually discarded intact for a long time. In order to prevent them from rusting during the discarding period, the drawing oil is required to have excellent anti-rust properties. Because the lubricating oil used for stamping has strong adsorption, it adheres to the oil film that is difficult to damage on the metal surface, so it has a rust-proof effect in an unusual way. However, the size of its function is not abnormal but not abnormal according to the nature of the lubricating oil and fabrication conditions, and the other is not abnormal but not abnormal according to the part disposal environment, so it is not abnormal but not abnormal according to the part disposal environment, so it will last forever in the harsh environment and storage time. higher.
  • 4. Oil weldability of stamping drawing oil: In order to simplify the process and improve the production efficiency, the drawing oil is required to have the effect of oil welding without washing. Automobile stamping parts occasionally rust locally due to the adhesion of drawing oil. Some oils generate harmful gases during welding and affect the welding strength. The above results do not occur when welding with oil after stamping, which is very serious for drawing oil.
  • 5. Degreasing (easy to clean) of stamping and drawing oil: the drawing oil is attached to the stamping parts. After the process, the cleaning agent and cleaning method that can be cleaned can be used to complete the cleaning, and the cleaning cost is low. And it can be degreased in a short time, which is also one of the important characteristics. The stamping parts are not cleaned cleanly, which will affect the painting and electroplating of the subsequent process.
  • 6. Controllability of stamping and drawing oil: Before stamping, it takes time and labor to apply the drawing oil to the processed sheet, which is detrimental to the production efficiency, so the simple end of this operation also becomes a problem for the drawing oil. A nature of begging. Especially for large standard parts, this property is particularly serious, if from the point of view of controllability, even a low-viscosity drawing oil should be used.

For stamping and forming, a lot of heat will be generated during the stamping process, which can deform the workpiece and seriously affect the accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, when determining the stamping oil, it is necessary to consider not only the lubricity and cooling effect, but also the extreme pressure and anti-wear of the stamping oil. If the determined cutting extreme pressure and anti-wear effect is too low, the material may cause poor forming. Therefore, the stamping oil with good extreme pressure and anti-wear performance is selected for fine stamping or ultra-fine stamping.

In the decision of stamping oil, in addition to considering the effects of stamping oil’s lubricity and cooling, automotive sheet metal parts also need to consider the effects of stamping oil’s rust resistance, cost and easy protection. Stamping oil is easy to use base oil with relatively low viscosity to add anti-friction additives, which can not only achieve smoothness and anti-friction, but also have excellent cooling and easy to filter. However, the results of stamping oil are low flash point, high temperature during stamping, easy to deform, high risk factor, and fast evaporation, and the user’s cost of use increases accordingly. High abrasive stamping oil

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