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What is the relationship between automobiles and stamping parts?

The automobile factory has 4 processes for removing nights (4 workshops for removing nights). Farewells are stamping workshop, welding workshop, painting and dismantling workshop, and general dismantling workshop. Automobile stamping parts are produced in stamping workshops. To give you an example, all the metal middle shells you see in the car middle shell are stamping parts. The basic principle is to operate the steel plate into a designed mold, and use a press according to the designed process. (Jia ton to 2000 ton) pressed into the required medium shape.

As for his impulse, it is easy to explain, that is, the steel plate passes through the stamping workshop to become stamped parts, and the stamped parts pass through the welding workshop to become the black leather vehicle body, which is the steel chassis, doors, roof, roof, and design hood. , fenders, etc. are welded in one place to match the skeleton of the whole vehicle. There are many disassembly positions in the upper and lower parts, and there are many disassembly nuts and disassembly holes. After painting and disassembly, the general disassembly workshop will plan Machines, electrical components, interior parts, seats, standard steering wheels, tires, lights, etc. are removed, and a car is basically completed.

There are many types of automotive stamping parts, and there is no example of the steel plate used in the whole piece. For example, the shearing machine usually operates high-strength steel plates like the inner plate of the B-pillar that has the urge to close the head in the side-to-side collision; some open plates and brackets that have no high performance and no complex middle shape. Any kind of steel plate with ordinary pushing performance; except for the night-type middle cover, because there are no elegant steel plates that need to be specially supplied for operation; some medium shapes are relatively complex, with deeper medium shapes or some. The parts that tamper with the relatively slow-moving characteristics need to be steel plates with good extensibility; the raw materials of automobile cylinder gaskets are not open, but there is a lot of criticism, but stamping is a must-have.

The ten quiet parts of automobile stamping parts are: the inner and inner panels of the hood, the top cover, the left glaze of the fenders plate.

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