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What about the classification and development of fine blanking technology for precision automotive stamping parts?

The fine blanking technology of precision automobile stamping parts is popularized and applied in some factories with simple shapes, only partial fine blanking, small size and small output, and no special fine blanking equipment. It can also achieve good technical and economic benefits, and has a good Prospects.

1. Ordinary press fine blanking technology

  • 1. Refurbishment – use special refurbishment, also known as trimming die, to trim the punching surface of blanking and punching blanks to obtain straight, smooth and high-precision punching surfaces, including: outer edge refurbishment, inner hole refurbishment, Stacking repair, vibration repair, etc.
  • 2. Smooth punching – using special punching die with special structure such as micro-clearance or negative-clearance rounded edge, the high-plastic low-carbon steel and non-ferrous metal precision stamping parts are smooth and clean to obtain smooth, high-precision punching. section. Commonly used smooth blanking processes include: micro-gap rounded edge smooth blanking, negative gap smooth blanking, stepped punch punching, synchronous shearing and extrusion, extrusion punching, and burr-free punching, etc. .

2. Fine blanking technology of special fine blanking machine

  • 1. The spirit of strong pressing plate – the use of strong pressing plates of different structures for edge blanking, reverse topping and blanking (FB), including: precision blanking with V-shaped ring gear that has been popularized for production Punching technology and fine-blanking methods with serrated platen, conical platen, and boss-shaped platen that are less used.
  • 2. Fine blanking of opposite concave dies – using the principle of plane cutting, the upper and lower corresponding pairs of punches and concave dies are used for punching according to the specified degree. It was invented by the Japanese in 1968 and has been popularized for production in Japan. Fine blanking technology. It is also used in China but not popularized.
  • 3. Double movement and reciprocating fine blanking – not popularized and applied. In the production of stamping parts for various types of electromechanical and home appliances on site, there are a limited number of blanking parts that are actually needed and can be fine-blanked as a whole. And a considerable number of punched parts only need partial fine blanking, especially as long as a small part of the group holes and group slot holes are fine blanked, it is more economical to apply the fine blanking technology of ordinary presses; for only partial fine blanking to obtain high-precision hole shape For punched parts with hole spacing, no burr and smooth and smooth punching surface, the punching parts can have smooth punching to meet the requirements.
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