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What is the polishing method of automobile sheet metal parts?

Often people will go deep into the advantages and disadvantages of car polishing and waxing on the car. In fact, waxing and sealing glaze will not cause damage to the car paint, but can better protect the car paint, but the reason why it will cause damage to the car owner. the aforementioned impression. Mainly because many irresponsible car beauty shops, in order to let car owners see the intuitive effect of car paint, frequently polish and grind the car paint during the process of waxing and glazing, which will naturally make the car paint thinner and thinner. There is even the possibility of throwing through.

Polishing method of automobile sheet metal parts:

  • 1. Clean the vehicle. Use a paint cleaning agent with strong detergency to clean the whole vehicle. When using a cleaning agent, avoid new scratches caused by particle dust during grinding.
  • 2. Sanding with water sandpaper. For defects such as coarse grains, fine sandpaper marks, flow marks, etc. on the coated surface, use 600#~1000# water sandpaper to wrap it in a small rubber lining block before polishing, and gently grind it to a smooth surface.
  • 3. Coarse and fine grinding. Use a machine grinder (electric or pneumatic) plus coarse grinding paste to roughen the traces of the water sandpaper; add grinding paste for polishing and fine grinding.
  • 4. Polishing. Use a mechanical polishing machine and add a mirror treatment agent to remove the spin marks left by the rough grinding paste to achieve the effect of mirror polishing of the paint film.
  • 5. Manual glazing. After grinding and polishing, wipe off the grinding and polishing paste, immediately wipe all the polished parts with cotton yarn dipped in varnish wax, and then wipe off the excess glazing wax with dry cotton yarn to make the paint surface bright and dazzling like a mirror.
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