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What is the development status of my country’s automotive stamping technology?

Stamping is one of the four major processes in automobile manufacturing, and the manufacturing accuracy of the body largely depends on the accuracy of stamping and its assembly. Automotive stamping technology stems from the development and needs of mass production, especially the development of the automotive industry, and it is still the case.

The development status of my country’s automobile stamping technology is reflected in the following aspects.

1. High degree of automated production of outer covers

The outer cover requires high surface quality and can only rely on automated production. Although the automated production of automobile outer panels in my country is not high-speed stamping, the degree of automation is quite high. This is mainly reflected in the widespread use of automated line punching.

Line stamping generally consists of 4 presses to form a complete closed stamping line, in the middle is automatic feeding and picking by robots, the production cycle is about 10~15 times/min, typically the first double-action 1630T and subsequent 800T Composition of the press.

2. Automatic or semi-automatic production of floor and roof inner coverings

This type of auto parts is mainly determined by the batch production method, generally using automatic or semi-automatic production. Except for joint ventures, local enterprises basically adopted semi-automatic stamping production methods at the beginning.

Semi-automatic stamping places specific demands on the press. First, the press table should be large; secondly, due to the large forming force, the first press should be 2000T or 2400T, and the subsequent presses should be 1000T or 1250T or more.

3. Chassis frame parts are mostly manufactured by parts companies

Chassis frame parts are mostly manufactured by parts companies and sent to OEMs. Large-scale parts companies generally have 6 stamping lines. Considering the convenience of quality control and production logistics management of OEMs, such parts companies have welding and even subsequent painting or spraying processes, so that they can directly provide total production to OEMs. into parts.

4. Rapid development of precision stamping technology

Precision stamping technology originated in Switzerland along with the development of the watch manufacturing industry. It is one of the key technologies in the development of the automobile industry. It has important applications in the manufacture of some automobile assemblies, such as door hinge assemblies and glass lifter assemblies. The material thickness of this type of parts is 3-5mm, and the parts are required to have high precision, good strength, and smooth and reliable movement of the assembly.

After years of development, precision stamping technology has achieved gratifying achievements in my country’s automobile industry. At present, a number of powerful fine blanking enterprises have emerged in my country.

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