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Do you know what needs to be paid attention to in the welding of auto parts underbody?

On the upper surface of the body floor of the auto parts, the sheet metal components and the metal surfaces of the welding parts must be polished and sprayed with anti-rust primer. After drying, paste the same type of body sound insulation lining or sound insulation pad of the original factory to absorb the movement of the vehicle. vibration and noise.

For the lower surface of the body floor of the automobile sheet metal part (the side outside the body), the exposed and repaired metal surface should be thoroughly polished and cleaned, and the surrounding original paint that is about to fall off should be completely removed. After the rust primer is dry, add MSP body sealant or similar products to the joint surface and the gap, and then spray the anti-rust and anti-collision primer. The underbody treated in this way can enhance the anti-corrosion performance and reduce the impact of stone hitting noise on the cabin.

With the continuous intensification of competition in the automobile market and the increasing updating of automobile manufacturing and repair technologies, the basic coating process has attracted great attention from automobile manufacturers and maintenance service personnel. A wide variety of coating materials with complete specifications and good functions will undoubtedly further promote the improvement of maintenance quality and prolong the service life of automobiles.

After the engine cover and luggage compartment cover are disassembled, body sealant must be filled between the skin and the inner lining before closing. This allows the folded skin to stick to the inner lining, otherwise the skin will loosen, there will be abnormal noises when opening or closing the hood or luggage compartment lid, and resonance sounds may also occur during driving.

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