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What are the ways to solve the rust of auto parts?

Rusting of the car is one of the problems that need to be paid attention to in the maintenance and repair process. No matter which part is rusted, it will affect the normal driving of the car. For example, pain anywhere on your body can affect your daily work and life.

When rust occurs on your auto parts, it’s time to deal with the problem.

Rusty paint

There is a layer of car paint on the surface of the car, which is not only the protection of the steel body, but also an important part of the “appearance” of the car. If the car paint is damaged due to bumps and scratches while driving, water vapor seeps into the car paint and body, and it is easy to appear small rust spots or even large areas of rust.

People rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles, and the problem of “face” has to be solved. When the paint surface is rusted, you can simply deal with it yourself. Slight scratches and rust, you can use very fine water sandpaper, according to the direction of the body, draw a straight line to slowly remove the rust; then apply the original car paint, and then sand it with water sandpaper after drying, there is no original factory For car paint, you can use a touch-up paint pen instead.

If the rust is large and deep, go to a beauty shop for treatment.

Rusty brake pads

The position of the brake pads is low and close to the ground, and it is easy to rust after being stained with water. Rusting of iron sheets is a normal phenomenon, and it is also an important component of the automobile braking system. After rusting, the surface friction decreases, and the braking effect decreases and the safety hazard increases.

The car can’t stop moving, it’s a horrible thing to think about. The rust of the brake pads is also relatively easy to solve. If there is slight rust on the surface, you can step on the brake several times after driving the car out to eliminate the surface rust. If the rust is deep and even affects the normal use of the brake function, you should go to the repair shop for rust removal, or replace the brake pads.

Rusty chassis

The chassis of the car carries the engine, gearbox, and various parts, almost supporting the weight of the entire car. Chassis with a large area and close to the ground is also easily polluted by water on the ground like brake pads. Coupled with the bumping of pavement stones, it is also common for the chassis to rust.

Rusting of the chassis will affect the normal operation of many components, resulting in oil leakage, steering damage, and structural vibration. If the chassis is rusted, you need to go to a professional repair shop to remove rust. If there is no rusted chassis, you can install chassis armor to prevent rust in advance.

rusted electrical system

The circuit system is located inside the car, and it is easily corroded by the infiltrating water vapor in humid environments such as rainy seasons. The rust of the circuit system will cause circuit failure, which will lead to the failure of some components.

The circuit system circuit is complex, and the rust removal and replacement can only be carried out under the condition of understanding the circuit distribution, and the repair shop is more professional. In daily life, we need to check and dehumidify the line.

Rust will affect the appearance and internal parts of the car. Car owners should check and pay attention. We can deal with minor rust by ourselves, but for serious rust, it is recommended to go to the repair shop for professional maintenance.

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