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What are the requirements for the production of automotive stamping molds?

The use of high-speed cutting technology for automotive stamping molds is of great benefit to saving production time and improving production efficiency, but general high-speed cutting requires a milling speed greater than 40,000 revolutions per minute. All parts of a high-speed machining lathe must be able to cooperate accordingly to make the machine work properly. What are the specific requirements for automobile stamping die production?

  • 1. Since high-speed cutting lathes are controlled by computer programs, it is necessary to have central fabrication units and large-capacity storage devices that can quickly process large amounts of data; have faster data transmission capabilities and network transmission capabilities; have error compensation functions, including measurement error compensation , Quadrant error compensation, thermal error compensation.
  • 2 The drive system requires a large feed speed and acceleration, generally reaching an acceleration of 20-30 meters per minute and 20-40 meters per second squared.
  • 3. The main axis of the high-speed airport. Since the milling speed of the stamping die is very fast in high-speed cutting, the speed of the spindle should also keep up with it. Generally, it needs to be adjusted from 10,000 to 100,000 per minute, with the performance of rapid acceleration and rapid and precise parking. Therefore, the bearing structure of the lathe generally adopts hydrostatic pressure, air static pressure and suspended magnetic suspension.
  • 4. The fabrication of automobile stamping dies is carried out by milling tools, and the milling of tens of thousands of revolutions tests the hardness and wear resistance of the tools. Therefore, the material of the tool must be cemented carbide, polycrystalline diamond, etc. At the same time, the positioning of the tool must be precise, and the error should be controlled within 0.001mm.
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