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What are the methods to identify the paint quality of automotive sheet metal parts?

1. Check the drying quality of the paint film

Press the paint surface with your fingers to see if there are obvious hand lines. The hand lines prove that the paint film is not dry well.

2. Check whether the color of the paint is consistent with the color of vitality

First, drive the car to a well-lit environment, and compare the new spray parts with it near the car body (do not stay on the eyes for too long, this will cause visual fatigue, generally 7-10 seconds) front view and side strabismus ( 30-45 degrees) cross feeling, dark color, bright color welcome light ratio, light color light color backlight ratio


3. Look at the fullness of the paint film and the uniformity of the paint pattern

Check the fullness of the paint film directly, if the paint film is too thick, the paint color is not bright, the paint film is too thin, the paint surface is not bright enough, and the paint color is dark.It is normal to feel like there is a layer of oil on the paint surface

The uniformity of the paint pattern; the paint surface has a mirror effect when viewed from the front, and the paint pattern is uniform when viewed from the side. Some repairmen say that there is no paint pattern, which is impossible.

4. Whether the paint surface has gray or flowing paint

When the air in the spraying or lacquering room is not filtered or improperly filtered, and some technicians do not perform construction properly, dust will accumulate on the surface of the paint, forming pits, commonly known as “dirty spots”.


5. Are the particles of metallic paint uniform?

Yingguang close-up (10-500px) to check whether the size, color, arrangement and number of the paint flash particles are consistent with the original car paint

6. Inspection of automotive paint materials

There is no clear inspection method in this regard, and some professional knowledge is required, because there will be no big difference between good and bad coatings in a short period of time. Some main functions of coatings, such as anti-aging and anti-corrosion in some environments, are compared in a short time. If you can’t come out, you can choose a company with good reputation. Before repairing the car, you can find out if you have the opportunity to see if it is good or bad. You don’t have to choose a 4S shop. The mechanics are not careful enough, and even the best paint can’t do it well. There is no good paint, no matter how high the craftsmanship, no matter how advanced the equipment is, it is also a decoration

7. Inspection of automotive sheet metal parts

It is difficult to find shortcomings in this unprofessional, mainly relying on the reputation of the company, you can simply check whether the edges are even, the original difference, etc.




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