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What are the advantages and disadvantages of waxing and sealing glaze for automotive painted sheet metal parts?

At present, there are many kinds of car waxes on the market. Due to the different properties of various car waxes, their effects are also different, so you must be careful when selecting them. Improper selection will not only fail to protect the car body, but will discolor the car paint.

Under normal circumstances, it should be comprehensively considered according to the characteristics of the car wax, the new and old degree of the vehicle, the color of the car paint and the driving environment. For high-end cars, you can choose high-end car wax; new car is best to use color wax to protect the luster and color of the car body; summer is suitable for anti-ultraviolet car wax; when the driving environment is poor, it is more appropriate to use resin wax with outstanding protection; For ordinary vehicles, use ordinary pearl or metallic paint series car wax. Of course, when choosing car wax, you must also consider the compatibility with the color of the car paint. Generally, dark car paints use black, red, and green series car waxes, and light-color car paints choose silver, white, and pearl series car waxes.

Waxing Notes:

  • 1 Do not wax the new car casually. There is a layer of protective wax on the paint layer of the new car itself. Waxing too early will remove the original wax on the surface of the new car, causing unnecessary waste.
  • 2. Use car wash water to clean the dirt and dust on the exterior of the car before waxing. If there is no special car wash water, you can use clean water to wash the car, dry the car body and then wax it.
  • 3 Wax the car in a cool place to ensure that the car body does not heat up. High temperature will make the adhesion of car wax worse.
  • 4 When waxing, apply an appropriate amount of car wax with a sponge block, and smear it back and forth on the car body in a straight line. Do not pour the wax liquid on the car to smear or do a circular smear. Generally, the wax layer should be polished with a new towel 5~10 minutes after the wax layer is evenly applied, but the fast car wax should be polished while being applied.

The role of sealing glaze

After the car is sealed with glaze, the paint surface can reach or even exceed the original car paint effect. Make the old car updated and the new car brighter. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, sealing, oxidation resistance, brightening, washing resistance, acid rain resistance and corrosion resistance. It also laid the foundation for future car beauty, painting and renovation.

Old cars should be sealed as soon as possible. If the car has been driven for a while, dust particles in the air and an unprofessional car wash can leave many tiny scratches on the paint surface. These scratches will form dense concentric circles under the light. Commonly known as the “solar circle”. The sealing glaze is like repairing scratches on a watch with toothpaste, which can be repaired and polished by a polishing machine. Play the role of paint refurbishment.

Glazing for new cars is also a very important job. Due to rain, sand, ultraviolet rays, salt, gum, insect liquid, etc., it will cause damage to the paint surface of the car sheet metal parts, making the car surface dull. It is recommended that you go to a professional auto beauty shop to do the sealing glaze to ensure the quality. The real professional sealing glaze beauty will not hurt the paint.

For touch-up paint, sealing the glaze has no effect, but after filling the paint, it is better to seal the touch-up part again, so that the effect is better.

As for the frequency of sealing the glaze, the glaze is actually a layer of film, which is directly related to the usage rate of the car, the air environment, and the number of car washes. Generally, if the car is sealed and the glaze is well maintained, it will be sealed twice a year or so. Generally speaking, in terms of the weather in Shanghai, the sealing interval is about 8 to 10 months.

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