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What are the forming methods of automobile stamping parts?

In the production process of stamping parts, the consumption of materials is relatively small, the weight of the produced parts is also lighter, and the internal structure of the plate after stamping plasticity has also been adequately improved, so that the strength of the stamping parts has also been improved. Overall improvement. Compared with parts produced by other production methods, stamping parts have higher dimensional accuracy, and the size of the die is consistent with the dimensional accuracy of the stamping parts, making it more interchangeable. In addition, the produced stampings can be assembled and used with other components without further fabrication. In addition, during the stamping operation of the stamping parts, the surface can maintain a good quality, and its appearance is smooth and smooth, which has made a good foundation for other surface treatment work in the future.

Forming method of automobile stamping parts

From the current development point of view, the traditional forming method of automobile stamping parts is far from being able to meet the requirements of china and foreign automobile manufacturers. Many enterprises have begun to further develop and research the forming method of stamping parts, hoping to develop New molding technology, and boldly try the application of various materials and technologies in the production process, the molding method has begun to move towards non-traditional methods. Below we will combine actual experience and a large number of investigations. elaboration.

cold stamping

In the manufacturing process of automobiles, cold stamping is a very critical link. Generally speaking, cold stamping refers to a fabrication method for parts. This fabrication method uses a die to pressurize the corresponding sheet material on a press. The purpose of the pressurization is to separate the sheet material or Plastic deformation, and then produce parts with a certain size, shape and performance that meet the design requirements.Cold stamping is common in the fabrication method of parts. It has many advantages. For example, the processability of cold stamping is very good, and the sheet after cold stamping can be obtained.

Parts with different shapes and very complex processes; the quality of the processed parts is very stable, and the processed dimensions are very accurate; the utilization rate of materials is high, which is very critical, which can not only improve the utilization of materials It can also reduce the cost of fabrication; cold fabrication also has a very important advantage, that is, the operation is simple, and the production efficiency will be significantly improved. Under certain production conditions, the use of cold fabrication technology can obtain high quality and economical and practical. The product.

thermoforming technology

Thermoforming technology mainly refers to the process of heat-treating the sheet, and then using a die to press plasticize the corresponding sheet by a press, so as to obtain auto parts with specified size, shape and performance. However, due to the existence of thermal stress, it is easy to cause cracks in the material. Although this problem can be solved by taking corresponding measures, that is, increasing the number of molds, the increase in the number of molds will not only increase the complexity, but also make molds. Therefore, when applying thermoforming technology, attention should be paid to controlling the number of molds used to make the structure of the mold as simple as possible, so as not to cause unnecessary problems.

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