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What are the characteristics of the auto parts MES system?

In auto parts production enterprises, the problems faced are not only the above points, how to solve them? Let the enterprise upgrade from the traditional management mode to the information management, the MES system can help the auto parts manufacturer to digitally manage the production and manufacturing process in the workshop, and provide the information to optimize the production activities from the acceptance of the production plan to the final product. Eliminate activities that do not generate added value, thereby promoting efficient plant operation, effectively improving field efficiency, reducing work in process, and reducing manufacturing costs.

Features of MES System for Auto Parts

(1) Order management

The auto parts MES system can flexibly respond to orders and quickly respond to changes in production plans that are affected by external factors. For example, after receiving the change information of the supporting requirements of the main engine factory, the enterprise can adjust the production plan in a timely manner through the high-speed simulation scheduling of the MES system, including the procurement requirements, production and outsourcing fabrication plans, and timely feedback it to each management department.

(2) Process management

The MES system provides product and process management functions, establishes the relationship between customers and enterprise products, realizes information sharing, reduces errors, reduces workload, and ensures the retrospect of historical information of technological processes.

(3) Production tracking

Realize the informatization, transparency and automation of the production and manufacturing process through the MES system, eliminate the bottleneck of the production operation process, track the production status in real time, and integrate the process information, equipment information, defect rate in the production process, on-site process control and monitoring, through electronic Kanban can be managed in real time. The unique barcode or number on the parts is a symbol of their identity.

(4) Device networking

Equipment networking and data analysis can check whether the running status of all equipment is normal and related production data in real time, including machine tool network connection alarm, spindle and each servo axis power detection alarm, event alarm, continuous repeat alarm, system alarm, machine tool alarm, etc. And all the alarm information is transmitted, reset, recorded, inquired, etc., and related reports are generated at the same time.

(5) Quality management

The MES system can implement quality management for the whole process of parts. Data collection, statistics, tracking, early warning, analysis, etc. are carried out on the quality of parts in the whole process of parts production, and the data of the first inspection and sampling inspection of each production are recorded in the MES system one by one. When there is a quality problem, it can be traced back to the detailed parameters, which is convenient for the staff to consult, analyze the problem in time and solve it in time.

In line with the development trend of the current big market, the auto parts manufacturing industry deploys the MES system as soon as possible to realize the synergy of the manufacturing process, the transparency of the workshop operation, the automation of data collection, the intelligent management, and the pursuit of excellence, which is more conducive to the efficient production of enterprises and reduces manufacturing costs.

Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

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