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What are the anti-rust protection methods for auto parts and engines?

The engine is to the car as the heart is to the human being, which shows the importance of the engine to the car. Therefore, the rust prevention of the engine should be paid more attention.

According to the composition, the engine can be divided into complete machine rust prevention and component rust prevention; according to the manufacturing process, it can be divided into production process rust prevention, storage rust prevention and transportation rust prevention.The rust prevention scheme of the whole machine is relatively simple. The conventional method is to spray hard film antirust oil on the surface. Even if it is to be exported, as long as the gas phase antirust film is packaged on this basis, it is enough to cope with the high humidity marine environment. Engine components mainly include engine assembly, oil pump, oil nozzle, tensioner, cylinder block, bearing bush, etc. The anti-rust scheme of the components has a large selection surface, and anti-rust oil, anti-rust film, and anti-rust paper can be used to cooperate with each other according to the actual situation, so as to achieve a large anti-rust effect at a small cost. Anti-rust between production processes refers to temporary anti-rust protection measures that need to be taken during logistics or short-term storage for processed parts after each process and between the next process. The parts before anti-rust must be free of rust, No water, no other dirt. The common methods of rust prevention between processes mainly include: anti-rust water anti-rust, cutting fluid anti-rust, anti-rust oil anti-rust, gas-phase anti-rust and phosphating anti-rust. Depends on environmental conditions. The principle of storage anti-rust is to analyze specific problems. The storage time and storage parts are different, and the anti-rust solutions are naturally different. For example, overproduction of auto parts requires more than one year or even more storage time. At this time, the anti-rust effect of simple anti-rust oil may not be satisfactory. If an anti-rust bag is added on this basis, it can ensure that the parts are not damaged. Corrosion will occur due to the loss of anti-rust oil. For transportation rust prevention, an effective solution needs to be formulated on the basis of comprehensive consideration of transportation time, transportation mode, transportation environment, etc. For example, some parts need to be transported overseas over long distances. For metals, the wet environment at sea can easily cause rust. Therefore, the requirements for rust prevention of export products are more stringent. Generally speaking, in auto parts, whenever metal parts are involved, there is a need for rust prevention. Different components have different requirements for fabrication, storage and transportation, and the requirements for metal rust prevention are naturally different. Therefore, when formulating anti-rust solutions for auto parts, first of all, we should clarify the characteristics of the parts and the requirements for storage and transportation.
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