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The effect of burrs on the function of auto parts and the performance of the whole machine

1: The impact of burrs on the function of auto parts and the performance of the whole machine

  • 1. The impact on the wear of auto parts, the larger the burr on the surface of the auto parts, the greater the energy consumed to overcome the resistance. The presence of burrs in auto parts may cause misfits. The rougher the mating parts, the greater the pressure per unit area, and the easier the surface is to wear.
  • 2. The influence of corrosion resistance. After the surface treatment of auto parts, the burrs are easily touched and fall off, which will damage the surface of other parts. At the same time, a new surface without surface protection will be formed on the burr surface. Under humid conditions , these surfaces are more prone to rust and mildew, thus affecting the corrosion resistance of the whole machine.

2: the impact of burrs on subsequent processes and other processes

  • 1. If the burr is too large at one time on the reference surface, the machining allowance will be uneven during finishing.
  • Uneven allowance due to excessive burr When cutting the burr part, the cutting amount of the spindle will suddenly increase or decrease, which will affect the smoothness of cutting, resulting in knife lines or fabrication stability.
  • 2. If there are burrs on the fine reference surface, the reference surface is easy to overlap, resulting in inaccurate fabrication dimensions.
  • 3. In the surface treatment process, such as the spraying process, the coated metal will first gather at the tip of the burr (static electricity is easier to adsorb), resulting in the lack of plastic powder in other parts, resulting in unstable quality.
  • 4. The burr is easy to cause bonding during the heat treatment process, which often destroys the interlayer insulation, resulting in a significant decrease in the AC magnetic properties of the alloy. Therefore, the burr must be removed before heat treatment for some special materials such as soft magnetic nickel alloys.

3: The importance of deburring

  • 1. Reduce and avoid the presence of burrs that affect the positioning and tightening of mechanical auto parts and reduce machining accuracy.
  • 2. Reduce the scrap rate of workpieces and reduce the risk of operators.
  • 3. Eliminate the wear and failure caused by the uncertainty of burrs in the use of mechanical auto parts.
  • 4. The adhesion of mechanical parts without burrs will increase when they are painted, so that the coating texture is uniform, the appearance is consistent, smooth and tidy, and the coating is firm and durable.
  • 5. Mechanical auto parts with burrs are prone to cracks during heat treatment, which reduces the fatigue strength of auto parts. Deburring of auto parts under load or high-speed operation is even more impossible.
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