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How to deal with different types of scratches on automotive sheet metal parts?

1. Small scratches

For some light and small scratches on automobile stamping parts, such as scratches by some small sand and gravel, such scratches may not be seen without careful inspection. If the car has been driven for a few years, it is an old car, and the owner can choose to ignore it. If it is a new car, it can be repaired by waxing. Whether you go to a beauty shop or repair the car yourself, you can buy some fine wax by yourself, apply it slowly with a straight line, and then wipe it with a cotton cloth. This is also to provide you with an ordinary method: toothpaste can be used to repair, and the effect is also good.

2. Slight scratches

For some scratches with a slightly larger area and no damage to the primer, you can use a touch-up paint pen to repair. Touch-up pens are generally sold on the Internet and in auto supply stores. The owner only needs to buy the corresponding model. The general price is about a few dozen yuan. When touch-up, it can be like applying nail polish, and work slowly and carefully. , Take your time, and apply a certain maintenance wax to the damaged part after the paint is repaired.

3. Serious scratches

If the scratches have damaged the primer, but the body has not been dented or deformed, the owner has no way to repair it. To repair such scratches, professional automotive sheet metal equipment is required. You can choose some professional sheet metal spray shops for touch-up paint. The general price is around 500-600.

Fourth, the body damage

In such a situation, it is impossible for the owner to repair it by himself. Finding a professional repair shop is the only way. Of course, you can also take insurance, but it depends on your choice.

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