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Maintenance and maintenance method of convex and concave die for precision automobile stamping parts

The mold is an indispensable equipment for precision stamping fabrication. If the mold is to be durable, it must be properly maintained and maintained. Now the editor will explain how the stamping factory performs mold maintenance and maintenance.

When the workpiece precision stamping convex and concave dies are disassembled, attention should be paid to the original condition of the mold, so as to facilitate the restoration during subsequent mold installation; if there is padding or displacement, the thickness of the gasket should be engraved on the part and recorded.

When replacing the punch, it is necessary to test whether the die of the stripping block is inserted smoothly, and whether the gap between the insert and the die is uniform; when replacing the die, it is also necessary to test whether the gap between the insert and the punch is uniform.

After grinding the punch, the punch needs to be shortened and the gasket needs to be added to reach the required length, and it should be checked whether the effective length of the punch is satisfied. To replace the broken punch, it is necessary to find out the factors, and at the same time to check whether the corresponding die is chipped, and whether the cutting edge needs to be ground.

When punching and assembling punches, it is necessary to check whether the gap between the punch and the fixing block or fixing plate is sufficient, and if there is a pressing block, check whether there is a movement allowance. The assembled die should be placed horizontally, and then placed on the die surface with a flat iron block, and tapped in place with a copper bar. After installation, check whether the die surface is level with the die surface.

After the punch and die and the die core are assembled, it is necessary to check the care belt, whether each part is installed incorrectly or reversely, check whether the die and the die pad are installed reversely, and whether the blanking hole is blocked. Is it necessary to steal the material to replace the parts, whether the need to steal the material is satisfied, and whether the locking part of the mold needs to be locked.

Precision metal auto stamping parts pay attention to the locking recognition of stripper screws. When locking, balance the force from the inside to the outside, and intersperse and lock. Do not lock a certain screw first, and then lock another screw, so as to avoid stripping. The plate is skewed, causing the punch to crack or the mold accuracy to drop.

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