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How to properly clean automotive metal stamping parts after stamping?

When it comes to metal stamping, I believe that many industries such as machinery, automobiles, electronics, hardware, etc. have applied it. Metal stamping can make the product better formed, but every time we need to clean it after stamping, how about the metal stamping parts after stamping? Cleaning, this is what many businesses want to know.

  • 1. The purpose of cleaning metal stamping parts is naturally to be clean. The choice of cleaning fluid needs to choose different cleaning fluids according to the cleaning objects. Cleaning fluids include water-based cleaning fluids and solvent-based cleaning fluids. At present, water-based cleaning fluids are widely used: alkaline, neutral or acidic degreasing fluids can be used for degreasing; rust and oxide scale can be cleaned by weak acids such as phosphoric acid.
  • 2. The hydrocarbon hardware cleaning agent has a good effect of removing oil stains and grease, and has a corrosion inhibitory effect on metals such as steel. When cleaning, there is no corrosion to equipment, copper, stainless steel and other assemblies of different materials, and the operation is simple, safe and reliable.
  • 3. The main methods of degreasing and degreasing metal metal are: organic solvent method, chemical method, electrochemical method, and water-based cleaning agent cleaning method, etc. The commonly used organic solvent trichloroethylene cannot completely remove polishing wax, especially on metal surfaces. The metal oxides, carbides, and polishing materials cannot be effectively cleaned; trichloroethylene is not only highly toxic, but also tends to be hydrolyzed when used improperly, and is corrosive to metals under wet conditions.

Through the above introductions, I believe that everyone has understood clearly that the hydrocarbon hardware cleaning agent emulsifies the molecular structure of various condensed oils, greases and grease stains with unique chemical action, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly and thoroughly removing heavy grease stains. We are choosing When cleaning liquid, choose the corresponding cleaning agent according to the nature of our product.

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