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What failures will occur in the brake system of auto parts?

When we step on the brakes, if we find that the brake pedal does not return to the original position immediately, or we cannot feel the usual resistance when we step on it, it can be judged that the brake does not return to its original position.

The reasons for the brake not returning may be: lack of brake fluid; oil leakage at the brake cylinder, pipeline and joints; damage to the master cylinder and cylinder parts, etc. It is best to send it for repair and replacement immediately to ensure travel safety.

The body shaking when the brake is applied is also a common brake failure, and most of them appear on the old body that has been used for a long time. Most of the reasons are due to wear and tear caused by long-term use, and the flatness of the brake disc surface is out of alignment. The auto sheet metal parts manufacturer recommends that the brake pads be professionally polished or replaced with new ones.

“Offset brake” refers to the situation that the steering wheel will always deflect to one side when the brake is about to stop. The main reason for the failure is: the left and right cylinders of the brake system have problems, and the force on the brake pads of the components becomes uneven on both sides. of.

This kind of fault is obvious when parking, because the brake disc of the running car rotates very fast, and the problem of uneven force of the wheel pump is difficult to be detected when the friction is fast. But when suddenly stopped, the difference immediately became very obvious. The wheel on the side with the greater force of the wheel cylinder stopped first, and the other side was still moving forward, and the steering wheel deflected uncontrollably. The maintenance method is to replace the brake system cylinder.

Whether it is a disc brake or a drum brake, the brake system needs to provide pressure from the engine to push it to work.

If there is no braking force when starting, and it takes more than ten minutes to warm up the car, it is most likely that there is a problem with the transmission pipeline that the engine system provides the driving pressure to the braking system of the car, and the brake disc loses pressure, resulting in no The way to provide braking force to the car in time.

Maintenance points: Whether the vacuum booster hose connecting the engine and the brake master cylinder is cracked or loose.

Under normal circumstances, the brakes have a certain resistance and need to be pedaled a little harder. If you find that the resistance becomes smaller and feels soft during use, the brakes need to be overhauled.

The reasons for the soft brakes are generally divided into three situations:

One situation may be that the oil pressure of the brake cylinder or master cylinder is not enough, check whether there is oil leakage;

The second situation is that the brakes of the brakes are faulty, such as the serious wear of the brake pads and brake discs of the car;

The third is that the brake line is damaged, and air has penetrated into the brake line.

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