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How to prevent the damage of hardware automobile stamping parts?

Compared with other plastic fabrication and mechanical fabrication methods, metal stamping parts fabrication has many unique advantages, both in terms of economy and technology. This kind of stamping fabrication method requires the mold to ensure the shape and dimensional accuracy of the metal stamping parts. Under normal circumstances, it will not destroy the surface quality of the stamping parts. At the same time, the life of this stamping die is also longer than that of other dies. Therefore, in metal stamping fabrication It can be said that it has the characteristics of stable quality and good interchangeability.
Metal stamping can process some parts with complex shapes and large size ranges. Adding cold deformation hardening effect during metal stamping can improve the strength and rigidity of metal stamping parts without other heating equipment. It belongs to an energy-saving and material-saving fabrication method, and the cost of the processed metal stamping parts is also very low.In the industrial production of metal stamping parts, various presses and special tools are used, and their metal materials are made into products and parts of the desired shape through pressure. This special tool is called a metal mold. The service life of stamping parts is related to the design of mold mechanism, heat treatment, surface treatment, maintenance and other factors. In daily production, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of damage to metal automobile stamping parts?
  • 1. For sliding windows with a width of more than one meter, or installation of double-glazed doors and windows, double-roller slides should be set up, or movable pulleys should be selected.
  • 2. Use fastening screws to install hardware. It is better to have metal linings, and it is also necessary that the thickness of the linings cannot be twice as large as the pitch of the fasteners, and even do not fasten them in plastic profiles. In non-metallic lining.
  • 3. After the hardware accessories are installed, we must pay attention to maintenance and protection to prevent the phenomenon of rust and corrosion, and ensure that in daily use, it must be lightly closed and lightly opened to avoid damage to the hardware accessories.
  • 4. The sliding brace hinge cannot be made of aluminum alloy material, nor can it be made of stainless steel material.
  • 5. The models and specifications of hardware accessories used should meet the requirements of national standards and relevant regulations, and use plastic steel doors and windows as matching.
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