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How to ensure the quality of precision automotive stamping parts?

Automotive sheet metal stampings play a very important role in the automotive industry, so when producing such stampings, a wide range of raw materials are used. Generally, when producing such stamping parts, most of them use the cold stamping process for production or fabrication. Because the cold stamping fabrication method is used in the production enterprise, it can meet the characteristics of a large variety of industrial products and a large number of products produced per unit time. Especially in the current era of mechanized mass production, the fabrication method of cold stamping has been widely welcomed in large and small fabrication enterprises.

In the automotive field, the equipment of automotive stamping parts can be seen everywhere. Among the materials used in medium and heavy-duty cars, in addition to the cover parts or body panels used in these cars, there are also some load-bearing parts or support parts that use this. materials. During this period, many large auto parts such as frames and carriages that many people know belong to this field.

In the cost of automobile stamping parts, the material cost is about 60% or more. Therefore, the economical utilization of materials is of great significance. Layout refers to the arrangement of parts on strips or sheets.

Unreasonable layout will cause material waste, and the indicator to measure the economics of layout is the utilization rate of materials. It can reduce the waste area and the material utilization rate is high.

There are two types of waste: process waste and structural waste. The lap and residual material are called process waste, which is the waste related to the layout form and stamping method; the structural waste is determined by the shape characteristics of the workpiece and generally cannot be changed. Therefore, only by designing a reasonable layout plan and reducing process waste can the material utilization rate be improved.

Whether the layout is reasonable not only affects the economical utilization of materials, but also affects the quality of parts, the structure and life of molds, the productivity of precision stamping parts and the cost of molds and other technical and economic indicators.

A good layout can improve the utilization rate of materials, facilitate the operation of the staff, and improve the life of the stamping die.

Therefore, the layout should follow these four principles: improve the utilization rate of materials, improve the operability, make the mold structure simple, improve the service life, and ensure the quality of the workpiece.

The layout should ensure the quality of the precision stamping parts, not only the utilization rate of the material, regardless of the performance of the stamping parts. For the blanking of curved parts, the fiber direction of the sheet should also be considered when laying out.

Generally speaking, the automotive stamping parts we use tend to be beautiful, practical and economical. However, when measuring the quality of stamping parts, we should focus more on the number of processes for fabrication stamping parts. The simplification of the number of other tools and the simplification of the stamping process is also an important aspect. Then, when evaluating the quality problems of auto parts, it can also be judged by the structure of stamping parts.

Although some automotive sheet metal stamping parts are not easy to use words to describe when judging the quality, some standards are not easy to use in the application process, but some standards for judging quality still exist.

During the production of these automotive sheet metal stamping parts, fewer processes are used. On the one hand, the beauty of these auto parts will be damaged, and these parts are in use because they are in the process of production, because of the process. The cuts, after all, cause the car to have problems with these accessories during the trek.

Although my country’s current economic strength has undergone tremendous changes, it is still a certain distance from some developed countries, and there are still many operational standards that need to be formulated.

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