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How do we correctly choose the die for automobile stamping parts?

Stamping parts are thin-plate hardware parts, which can be processed by metal stamping die stamping, bending, stretching and other processes, corresponding to casting parts, forging parts, machined parts, etc. With the rapid development of stamping technology, manufacturing and The requirements of the machinery industry are constantly improving, and the development of precision metal stamping dies in the fields of new energy, automation equipment, medical equipment, aerospace, energy saving and emission reduction products is strong.

The mold is an important part of the fabrication of metal automobile stamping parts. The quality of metal stamping parts is basically determined by the quality of the stamping die. In order to ensure the quality, service life and precision of the mold, it is necessary to understand the thermal fabrication technology and precautions of the metal stamping mold.

Selection principle of stamping die:

  • 1. First of all, consider the die set under “Select Stamping Die”, analyze whether the straight line to be punched is greater than or equal to 1.5 times the side length of the die for the set square die, and analyze the inner side of the stamping curve of the circular die. Whether the arc diameter is larger than the die diameter, if so, use the set die.
  • 2. It can be classified into the outline of the basic figure. First, go to the die library to search whether there is a stamping die that is completely consistent with the outline and can be punched out of the outline with a punching action. If there is such a die, it will be ignored under “Select a stamping die “Set stamping die, use the searched stamping die directly.
  • 3. For a rectangular outline, when the long side is greater than or equal to 1.5 times the short side, it will automatically search for a square stamping die that is consistent with the short side of the rectangle: search for a circular stamping die with the same groove width for an oblong groove or a circular groove If there is a die, use the die directly. If the die is still not determined after the above two steps, consider using a square die or a circular die to nibble straight lines or arcs.
  • 4. If the set die is not suitable, the system will search for square or circular die in the stamping die library from small to large, and use the straight line to be punched that is greater than or equal to 1.5 times the side length of the die.
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