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High-quality car sheet metal parts are a technical means of car repair

Auto sheet metal is a technical means of auto repair. In this regard, auto sheet metal is auto sheet metal repair, which refers to the repair of the body after the collision of the car, which is also equivalent to all the rest of the work except the spraying work for anti-corrosion and decoration of the body. . Such as the analysis of car body damage, the measurement of the car body, the shaping of the car body sheet metal, the tensile correction, the stress relief welding, and the assembly and adjustment of the car body accessories.

Automobile sheet metal parts are a kind of fabrication method of automobile maintenance, also known as cold work. Automobile collision repair has developed from the original “smashing, pulling and welding repair” into the secondary production and assembly of the body. The repair of a collision accident vehicle is no longer a simple banging of car sheet metal, and the quality of the repair cannot be observed by the naked eye alone to observe the appearance and gaps of the vehicle.

Maintenance personnel not only need to understand the technical parameters and external dimensions of the body, but also grasp the characteristics of the body material, the characteristics of the force, the deformation trend and the force point of the body, and the production process of the body such as welding technology. On the basis of controlling these common sense, maintenance personnel also need to use advanced measurement tools to determine the direct and indirect damage and deformation of the body through accurate three-dimensional measurement of the body, as well as the hidden dangers due to body deformation, and formulate a complete body. Repair plan, and then cooperate with accurate repair technology and correct three-dimensional dimensional data that meet the crux of the matter, restore the key points of the car body to their original positions, and restore the damaged car body to the condition of the factory.

The main process of sheet metal work:

The important process of sheet metal work can be roughly divided into: car body disassembly, car body calibration, and car body repair.

And each different process can be subdivided into several processes. In the in-depth lecture, two concepts must be mentioned: automobile type and automobile body.

The basics of the auto repair industry can be divided into: mechanical repairers, electrical repairers, sheet metal repairers, spray paint repairers, and other parts, beauty, and special repair industries are not included.

The division of the car body means removing the entire car circuit computer system, removing the entire car engine drive braking steering system, and removing the car paint. So what’s left is the body of the car.

Body assembly (this is a general name for accessories) includes: body sheet metal parts (metal parts), automotive glass, whole vehicle lamps, whole vehicle interiors, exterior trim parts and door handles, seats and accessories, car locks Mechanism, window sealing and lifting mechanism, door and front and rear sail cover connection mechanism combined. That is to say, when your car has problems such as broken glass, failed door locks, damaged decorative parts, etc., remember that you need to find car sheet metal instead of other types of work!

Because the car is a high-precision whole. And electrical accessories and mechanical accessories must rely on the corresponding position of the car body with high precision and low error. Even the straightness and curve of the car paint (which greatly affects the aesthetics of the car body) are highly dependent on the error value of the car body sheet metal. Therefore, sheet metal car body and repair have become a pure manual work in the automotive industry that has no rigid standards, no active tools, and can not be taught intuitively.

In a nutshell, car sheet metal is a complete repair of a broken and damaged car body!

Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication

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