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Do you know what are the precautions for painting auto sheet metal parts?

Painting of automobile sheet metal parts is an operation with professional skills. During the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the sprayed paint is uniform, whether the paint surface is flat, and whether the color of the sprayed paint is consistent with the color of the car body, so our car is bumped. When you need to paint, first understand some things that need to be paid attention to in car sheet metal painting, so that you will not be pitted during service, so what precautions should you pay attention to?

1. Sheet spraying is not done casually

To complete a sheet painting surface, at least ten steps are required. In addition to the sheet metal orthopedics mentioned above, the surface must be cleaned and painted multiple times at different levels. If you cut corners in the middle, the effect and durability of the spray paint will be reduced, and it will crack and change color after a long time. Therefore, for a good sheet spray, the steps must be indispensable.

There are three steps to prevent flickering of sheet metal, and it depends on whether the service process is comprehensive and complete.

2, the choice of paint is too particular.

For the choice of car paint, consumers often have two weaknesses at this level. First, they don’t know the brand of car paint. Second, they don’t know what paint the paint service provider uses for themselves. Regarding the brand and characteristics of car paint, you can search for more relevant content to understand, and whether the service provider is honest with the promised brand, it is up to consumers to consult more. And if you choose a car paint of poor quality, there is no doubt that the durability and spraying effect will be compromised.

Four steps to prevent flickering of sheet metal, be sure to choose famous brand car paint.

I believe that all car owners will strictly control the above 4 links, and they will be able to restore their car as before. In addition, we can see that sheet spraying is not a simple service. There are many steps and attention to auto parts. If the price is too low, it will attract our attention.

3. Not everyone can do sheet metal painting

Sheet metal painting must be completed by very professional sheet metal technicians and painting technicians. First of all, sheet spray is a collection of two concepts, sheet refers to sheet metal, and spray refers to spray paint. Sheet metal is the repair and correction of the deformed parts of the car body. This is the premise of paint repair. A good sheet metal technician will use years of experience and skilled techniques to restore the deformation of the car body to the original, so that the effect of painting will be good. A bad sheet metal technician cannot complete the fine deformation correction, and can only rely on the putty to smooth it out. In this way, the hardness will be uneven and the quality cannot be guaranteed. The spray paint technician is not a cover. First of all, the paint color should be ensured that there is no color difference with the original car paint, and secondly, the spraying should be uniform, and there should be no accumulation of paint liquid.

Therefore, one step to prevent sheet metal spray from fooling around depends on whether there are professional technicians!

4, sheet spray can not be done anywhere

The site of sheet spraying is also the key to the effect of sheet spraying. First of all, it is not possible to dry sheet spraying in an open space. Sheet spray repair involves a number of chemical processes and must have EIA qualifications. In order to ensure that the painting is beautiful and smooth, the entire painting process should be carried out in a dust-free workshop to prevent impurities from falling on the wet paint. At the same time, the paint room is also an essential hardware condition.

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