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Correction and repair method for impact damage of automobile body stamping parts

The impact damage repair of automobile stamping parts is mainly caused by accident wound repair, and the methods usually used are shrinkage shaping, wrinkle unfolding, stretching and pad pry reset.

1. Shrinkage shaping

In order to restore the deformed part to its original shape, it is necessary to find a way to shrink the stretched part. The shrinkage shaping process is as follows:
  • 1) Use the torch flame to heat the stretched center to a wispy red, but be careful not to melt or burn through the sheet.
  • 2) After heating, tap the surrounding area of ​​the red halo area rapidly, and gradually shrink to the center of the heating point, forcing the metal tissue to shrink.
  • 3) If only one shrinkage cannot achieve the purpose of shaping, the same method can be used to shrink multiple points, and with each heating shrinkage, the flattening correction is performed.
  • 4) When it is slightly stretched, there is no need to tap after heating, just use cotton yarn dipped in cold water to cool, or let it cool naturally.

2. Folds unfold

The collision of the body may cause irregular wrinkles in the stamped sheet. When repairing, if it is convenient and feasible, the wrinkles can be unraveled by the car pulling method, and then knocked flat; Repair under the car. The essentials of opening the pleats: First, try to pry the dead pleats from the inside to ease the living pleats, then heat it, hit the ridges of the living pleats with a hammer, and gradually expand them and restore their original shape.

3. Pull and reset

The hydraulic stretcher pushes the plunger rod apart by the pressure generated by the hydraulic cylinder, so that the deformed plate can be stretched. In addition, there is a helical stretcher, and both ends of the lead screw are provided with movable hooks respectively. When in use, if it is stretched and shaped, the iron pipe can be rotated to shorten the lead screws at both ends at the same time, the hook at one end is fixed, and the hook at the other end pulls the plate to stretch.

4. Pad pry reset

The reset of the pad skid is based on the deformed position and degree of deformation of the vehicle, using the effective space, with the support of adjacent components, and carrying out plastic repair with the principle of leverage. By applying this method, the body does not need to be disassembled, so the installation quality of the original car is maintained, and the work efficiency is improved, but the scope of use is limited. The outer edge of the rear tire cover of the off-road vehicle is concave. With the support of the tire, place a wooden liner under the crowbar to initially pry up the concave part, and then use a hammer and a horn to flatten the creases and unevenness.
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