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Which auto parts are most likely to be stolen from a car?

I believe that many car owners have encountered such a problem. When they get up and drive in the morning, they find that the parts on the car are missing. This is a very helpless thing. Even if the vehicle has an immobilizer and a floor lock is installed, it cannot prevent the loss of auto parts. Which car parts are most likely to be stolen?

There are many luxury cars or expensive cars that are the targets of criminals. If they can’t drive the whole car away, then they will also steal the parts from the car. Although, for them, it can’t change a few money, but for the car owner, the loss is big.

1. Rearview mirror

For thieves, stealing rear-view mirrors is easy to obtain. You can steal your rear-view mirrors with just a single tap. The rear-view mirrors of luxury cars are expensive and can easily be sold for a good price.

2. Wheels

Overnight, the four wheels of the car disappeared. For those who are in a hurry to go out to do errands, it is simply useless to be anxious. Wheel theft generally occurs in the middle of the night, and the owner’s vehicle is parked in a dimly lit place. “The right time and place” undoubtedly creates excellent conditions for thieves to commit crimes.

3. Battery

I woke up to work early in the morning and found that the car couldn’t catch fire. I didn’t check for any reason. I opened the engine compartment and found that the battery was stolen. Although a battery is only a few hundred dollars, the thief can earn hundreds of dollars in just a few minutes. block.

4. Fuel

Many large truck drivers wake up in the next two days to check whether the fuel tank has been stolen, and immediately add the stored fuel when they find that it has been stolen. On the way, the driver of the trolley found that there was no fuel, but yesterday he obviously filled up a tank of fuel.

5. I don’t know the car logo and license plate

Stealing these small parts is relatively easy, and the accumulation of small parts will also bring considerable income to the criminals. And luxury cars with beautiful license plates are often big bosses with big money, which often become the target of extortion by thieves.

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