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What is the application of automobile stamping parts in automobile chassis?

The chassis is a very important part of the car when it is running, and this part not only acts as a bracket for the whole car, but also can stabilize the car when the car is running. There are more features to introduce.

In general, the car chassis is composed of multiple car stamping parts, and the entire chassis can complete the work of the car’s transmission system, driving system, steering system and braking system. In addition, in the installation of the chassis, in addition to supporting and installing the engine, it can also achieve the effect of supporting and installing other components and assemblies in the car. In the process of designing the car, the chassis can play the role of forming the overall shape of the car. , In addition, in motion, the power output of the engine, the safe driving of the car is also one of the functions of the chassis.

Now let’s take a look at the transmission system in the car chassis. The car relies on the engine to provide power while driving. The power from the engine can make the wheels in the car turn to complete various driving tasks. In the transmission system of the chassis, each required stamping part of the automobile completes the work of decelerating, shifting, reversing, and interrupting the power of the car during driving through the transmission system. The main auto parts in the traditional system of the car include components such as clutch, transmission, steering knuckle, propeller shaft and drive axle.

In use, the clutch mainly completes the connection and temporary separation between the power generated by the engine and the rotating device of the car. This kind of automobile stamping parts can help the driver to complete the operation when the car starts, stops, reverses and shifts. While clutches are very common in conventional cars, they are now rarely seen in some self-driving cars.

The automobile stamping part of the transmission is also composed of many smaller parts. This part can complete the shifting operation of the car while driving, and then complete the effect of output torque. Therefore, this equipment includes transmission housing, transmission cover, one shaft, two shafts, intermediate shaft, reverse gear shaft, gears, bearings, joysticks and other accessories.

In addition, many stamping parts are also included in the driving system of the automobile chassis. In general, the components included in this system are frame, axle, suspension, and wheels. When the car is in motion, the functions included in such a system are also very complex.

The driving system in the chassis receives the power sent by the transmission system through its own automobile stamping parts, and then transmits the power to the tires of the car, and generates traction through the friction between the tires and the ground, and finally achieves the purpose of moving the car; driving; The system can make the tires of the car generate traction with the ground during rotation, and at the same time bear the reaction force from the ground and the gravity generated by the car itself; there are also shock absorption devices in this system, which can reduce the speed of the car while driving. In addition, the transmission system relies on its own ability to stabilize the car body, and cooperates with the steering system to not only complete the steering operation of the car, but also the steering system of the car. In the middle, the transmission system can also maintain the characteristics of the stable driving of the body as much as possible.

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