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What are the three steps we usually divide into auto sheet metal painting?

Electric vehicle sheet metal parts are a method of electric vehicle maintenance, also known as cold work. If the appearance of the electric body is damaged and deformed, the sheet metal process is required. Nowadays, the collision repair of electric vehicles has developed from the original “smashing, welding and repairing” to the secondary manufacturing and assembly of the electric body.

1. Sheet metal correction.

This process is mainly the plastic work done before the electric vehicle sheet metal painting, and the distorted and deformed body needs to be repaired by many painters who recognize the sheet metal correction.

2. Scraping dust (shaping)

After the car body is corrected by sheet metal, there are still some defects that cannot be repaired by sheet metal work. Even if it is replaced with new parts, there will be imperfections. Every damaged part needs to be filled with scraping dust. We repair the body just like repairing the mold, so our scraping and shaping process must be consistent with the mold fabrication, which is a job that ordinary paint workers cannot do.

3. Automotive sheet metal painting

We usually divide car sheet metal painting into three steps:

  • <1> Primer primer: Fills the sand marks and micropores on the bottom layer of the workpiece, increases the adhesion of the underlying paint, and also has the function of defect indication.
  • <2> Middle coat primer: This is a very important part of the coating, prepare a complete and smooth working surface for the top coat, complete the last process of all primer work, increase the adhesion of the intervening layer and have a certain isolation effect , in order to ensure the quality stability of the topcoat.
  • <3> Topcoat: Topcoat is divided into single-layer paint and multi-layer paint, which is the color-determining layer and decorative protective layer. Single-layer paint is generally called plain paint, also known as ordinary paint, which can be completed in one layer. Multi-layer paint is divided into silver powder series paint and pearl series paint. It is divided into double-layer and multi-layer construction process. Silver powder paint is made of special aluminum material, which has high protection, outdoor stability and strong observability.

Therefore, regardless of the surface decoration or the underlying protection, the body after the sheet metal process has both a beautiful appearance, as bright as a mirror or a smooth surface, without fine impurities, scratches, cracks, wrinkles, blistering and visible to the naked eye. defects, and have sufficient mechanical strength. The bottom coating is an excellent protective layer, with excellent rust and corrosion resistance, and strong adhesion.

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