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What are the specific sheet metal repair steps for car dent repair?

The so-called car dent repair is also called micro-sheet metal. It is sometimes called the non-destructive repair technology of car dents. It is different from the traditional sheet metal painting process. It is based on the principles of optics, physics and mechanics. Due to various reasons, the dents of different sizes and depths are leveled and repaired, and then restored to the factory shape.

Step 1: Check if the car dent can be repaired

Even if the car owner can easily judge the repair type of the dent, after arriving at the 4S shop, it is still necessary to have relevant professionals to judge the quick repair, and it is necessary to estimate the repair time and related costs.

Step 2: Wash the car

After the relevant personnel determine the scars of the car, the relevant personnel will first clean the appearance of the car, because in the process of repairing the car dent, it is necessary to constantly face the changes of the light and the surface of the steel plate, and also need to consider the car repair. And the inspection after completion, so the cleanliness of the car paint is very important.

Step 3: Car Restoration

There is no fixed pattern and sequence in the process of repairing car dents. Car dent repairing is a very meticulous technical job, which requires the repairers to have meticulous patience and care. The concave part also needs to be gently lifted from the inside to the outside by the relevant professional tools, and then the outer concave edge and the convex part are gently knocked with a small hammer, and mainly by knocking around the concave, It is very important to disperse the stress at the edges and corners of the depression so that the overall repair can be achieved.

Step 4: Check After Repair

After the repair, the next step is to check the repair effect. To observe against a certain light or sunlight, if you can’t see any flaws in the car at all, it is a perfect repair effect.

The price of repairing the same kind of dent is definitely lower than that of sheet metal painting, because it does not require any auxiliary materials, and the repair time is short, which greatly saves labor and material costs. Generally, the price of repairing a dent the size of an egg is about 150 yuan, but The specific price also depends on the specific location of the depression, the size of the depression, and the difficulty of repair!

Precautions for repairing car sheet metal parts:

  • 1. We need to make a plastic shape for the original model of this car surface for sheet metal correction;
  • 2. Paint and paint the finished door sheet metal. During the painting process, we should pay attention to spraying paint to restore the surface color of the car paint; spraying varnish to protect the paint, increasing the hardness and brightness of the car paint surface, scraping and grinding putty, Flatten the surface of the car body with reoxidation primer to prevent the iron sheet from rusting, spray and polish the primer in the middle, and increase the adhesion of the color paint.
  • 3. There are three ways to identify the level of door dent repair technology. It can be seen from the side of the car that there are dents or water marks. The dents repaired by technicians with poor door dent repair skills can be seen from the front. It is a little bit small, and the door dent repair technology is general. The dents repaired by our technicians do not show any problems from the front. From the side, we can see slow dents or water marks when we move our head back and forth. Can’t see the problem.
  • 4. After the sheet metal is painted, the paint surface is not very smooth and well-proportioned, so we have to deal with the paint surface.


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