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What are the key points in the forming process of automobile stamping parts?

Carefully observe the produced automotive stamping parts, and you will find that the surface of the product is uneven, which affects the quality of the entire workpiece. To improve this situation, we must first find the root cause of the problem, and then we can formulate relevant solutions in a targeted manner. Stamping parts manufacturers have also realized the seriousness of this problem, so they have begun to improve.

For the unevenness of the stamped gold surface, most of them are caused by impurities attached to the raw material or the stamping die; or the die is collided during the stamping process; the height of the raw material conveyor belt is not properly adjusted; the deformation of the station equipment and so on. These problems mentioned above may cause deformation and unevenness of stamping parts.

In addition to individual reasons, the combination will also deform the stamping parts. These concave and convex stamping parts need to be treated differently and cannot be used in automotive parts. If it is possible to repair it, it should be repaired in time. If the deformation is serious, it can only be discarded.

The application of automobile stamping parts in industrial products is very common, and in order to obtain an ideal stamping product, both the stamping method and the stamping equipment must be adapted to its material. And we have learned from stamping parts manufacturers that the smoothness of stamping parts forming and the quality of forming are related to some properties.

In fact, the performance mentioned is mainly worth the forming limit, mold fit and shape freezing of stamping parts. Among them, the forming limit mainly refers to the large deformation degree of the stamping material during the forming process, and it is on the premise of ensuring that no rupture occurs. In many cases, we regard the forming limit as the fracture resistance of the material, which means that the better the fracture resistance of the stamped material, the higher the forming limit.

The mold fit and shape freezing are the ability of the material to obtain the shape of the mold during the stamping process and the ability to obtain the shape in the mold. There are many factors related to it, so attention should be paid to all aspects, and try to avoid the impression of the material properties. Concept strands, so that stamping parts produce large shape errors.

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