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How to maintain it to prolong the life of auto parts?

avoid heat

If the temperature of the engine piston is too high, it is easy to cause overheating and melting and cause the cylinder to lock; the rubber seals, V-belts, tires, etc. are overheated, which are prone to premature aging, performance degradation, and shortened service life; electrical equipment such as starters, generators, regulators, etc. The coil is overheated and easily burned and scrapped.

Avoid countermeasures

The engine cylinder head gasket cannot be installed backwards, otherwise it will cause premature ablation damage to the cylinder head gasket; the engine fan blades should not be installed backwards; for tires with directional patterns and herringbone pattern tires, the ground marks after installation should be kept. The chevron tips point to the rear.

Avoid dirty

If the parts such as fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various filters are too dirty, the filtering effect will be deteriorated. Dirty parts such as water tank fins, air-cooled engine block and cylinder head fins, and cooler fins will lead to poor heat dissipation and high temperature.

avoid vacancies

Engine valve lock plates should be installed in pairs, if missing or missing, the valve will be out of control and the piston will be damaged; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, cotter pins installed on drive shaft bolts, locking screws, safety plates or If the anti-loosening devices such as spring pads are not installed, serious failures may occur in use; if the oil nozzles used to lubricate the gears in the engine timing gear chamber are not installed, it will cause serious oil leakage there.

Avoid washing

For the paper air filter element of the engine, it cannot be cleaned with any oil; for the leather parts, it is not suitable to clean with oil.

Avoid oil

If the paper filter element of the engine dry air filter is stained with oil, the mixture with higher concentration will be easily sucked into the cylinder, resulting in insufficient air volume, increased fuel consumption, and reduced engine power; if the triangle tape is stained with oil, It will accelerate its corrosion and aging; brake shoes, friction plates of dry clutches, brake belts, etc. are stained with oil, which will threaten driving safety. Tire rubber is very sensitive to oil corrosion, and contact with oil can soften or peel the rubber.

Avoid pressure

If the tire casing is stored under pressure for a long time and is not turned over in time, it will be deformed due to extrusion; if the paper filter element of the air filter and fuel filter is squeezed, it cannot reliably play a filtering role; Rubber oil seals, triangular tapes, oil pipes, etc. cannot be squeezed either.

avoid repetition

Some parts should be used once, but individual drivers or repairmen reuse them for saving or because they do not understand the “taboo”, which can easily lead to accidents.

avoid fire

Rubber products such as tires, triangular tapes, cylinder liner water-blocking rings, and rubber oil seals will be easily aged, deteriorated or damaged if they are close to the fire source, and on the other hand, may cause fire accidents.

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