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How to identify the markings of auto parts tires?

For cars, tires are an important auto part in driving, but everyone will find in life that the tires used in different cars are different, including not only the size of the tires, but also the appearance of the tires. big change. Now in this article, we will introduce the tire size of the car.

Generally speaking, when the car is running, the tire not only has the function of making the car run, but also has the effect of slowing down the stamping that the car receives during the running of the car. In addition, the stability of the internal air pressure of the tire is very important for the stability of the car. Driving is also an important factor. Generally, certain marks will be marked on the meridian of the tires of auto parts. Most of the characters displayed on these marks are the words 215/70R15. Such letters indicate that the width of the tire tread is 215mm, and the following 70 indicates the flatness ratio. , generally 70 represents 70%.

In the design of tires in auto parts, the width is generally 145-285mm. The specific width is determined according to the purpose of the tire and the specific conditions of the car that the tire serves. There is also a concept of aspect ratio in the markings of the tire meridian mentioned above. The flatness ratio is expressed as a percentage in the standard representation. It generally represents the ratio of the tire’s sidewall height to the tread width. In actual use, this ratio ranges from 30% to 80%. Generally, the aspect ratio of the tires we use is greater than or equal to 75%, but in some luxury cars or sports cars, their aspect ratio will be less than 60%. In fact, this does not mean that the smaller the aspect ratio of the tire, the better the tire performance. This is according to the different places and purposes of these tires, and the designed flat ratio has special requirements.

According to the air pressure inside the tire in use, the tire can be divided into three types: high tire, radial tire and low pressure tire. Among them, X stands for high sub-tire, R or Z stands for radial tire, and people habitually use it – on behalf of low-pressure tire.

Tires as auto parts must be well maintained in use. In the maintenance of tires, the air pressure in the tires is a very important data. If the air pressure inside the tires of the car does not meet the requirements, it is easy for the car to appear while driving. Danger. And in many cases, different tires use different internal pressures, and in different use environments and purposes, the marked values ​​of internal pressure are also different. But all tires habitually use the “kPa” air pressure unit when marking the internal pressure.

In addition to the tire markings described above, there is a balance marking in the tire. When assembling the tire, this logo should be facing the valve of the tire, so as to maintain the balance of the entire tire in use. Generally, this logo is made of colored rubber, which indicates that the tire is in this position. The location is light.

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