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How to identify the authenticity of auto stamping parts products?

The application of stamping fabrication technology is more and more extensive. Many accessories, including tools, are stamped by machine. Like the lampshade of a car, we all know that the shape of the lampshade is oval, and accessories of this shape are not easy to produce. Yes, it can be well realized by using the stamping process.

So how is the stamping part processed? First, get the stamping part, observe its edge line, and use the machine to separate the stamping part from the blank along the edge wire. After the separation is successful, the stamping blank can be separated according to the needs of customers. It is stretched or bent, made into a fixed shape, and then shaped.

How to distinguish the authenticity of auto stamping parts products?

  • 1. Check the assembly parts for missing parts. Regular assembly components must be complete and intact to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation.
  • 2. Check whether the geometric size is deformed. Some parts are easily deformed due to improper manufacture, transportation and storage.
  • 3. Check whether the joint part is flat. During the handling and storage of spare parts, due to vibration and bumping, burrs, indentations, damages or cracks are often generated in the joint parts, which affects the use of the parts. Pay attention to inspection when purchasing.
  • 4. Look at the surface of the parts for rust. The surface of qualified spare parts has both a certain precision and a bright finish. The more important the spare parts are, the higher the precision is, and the stricter the packaging is to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • 5. Check whether the protective surface is in good condition. Most parts are factory coated with a protective coating.
  • 6. Check whether the glued parts are loose. For accessories composed of two or more parts, the parts are press-fitted, glued or welded, and no looseness is allowed between them. For example, the oil pump plunger and the adjusting arm are combined by press-fit; The clutch driven wheel and the steel plate are riveted and combined, the friction plate and the steel plate are riveted or glued; the paper filter element frame and the filter paper are glued together; the wire ends of the electrical equipment are welded. If it is found to be loose when purchasing, it should be replaced.
  • 7. See if the rotating parts are flexible. When purchasing a rotating parts assembly such as an oil pump, turn the pump shaft by hand, and it should feel flexible and free from jamming; when purchasing a rolling bearing, support the inner ring of the bearing with one hand, and rotate the outer ring with the other hand, the outer ring should be able to rotate quickly and freely, and then Gradually stop. If the rotating parts do not turn smoothly, it means that the interior is corroded or deformed, so do not buy it.
  • 8. Check whether the trademark logo is complete. The quality of the outer packaging of the authentic product is good, the writing on the box is clear, and the overprint color is bright.
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